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Yves Mirabaud And Cie SA Company Profile

Yves Mirabaud is the President and Senior Managing Partner at the legendary Genevan Financial Centre, founded by his family in 2012.

Based on facts from Mirabaud to Finews, he states that the bank’s profit level aggressively dropped in 2020 due to the Covid-19, which called for humility that later on resulted in the return of 15 percent equity reputable.

The bank’s revenue had an 8 percent knockdown due to various reasons. The business felt the United States’s currency weakness, which led the business to start securing actively managed customer portfolios and experiencing another market roughness.

Strategic securing of customer’s portfolios saw less volatility which led to a good performance in the business. Yves Mirabaud emphasized business culture is not to be out of the market despite an old-fashioned banking technique.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Yves Mirabaud says the business was turned upside down as the growth of private banking became stale, which led the business to direct savings in areas such as funding events, entertainment, and travels; the pandemic limited travel and interaction possibilities.

Having won various private bankers and strengthening the business in their active markets, Mirabaud built up staff in Paris and Zurich for corporate funding to support advisory in private banking.

The business has gathered $1 billion for justification on plans to hire corporate finance, further transactions in the United States, and be active in real estate private equity funding.

The business is focused and does not want to compete in getting big teams on the side of private banking in its strategy of reinforcing municipal offices in Switzerland, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, which means 15 to 20 clients.

Geographically, Yves Mirabaud says he prefers the business to combine in the Middle East and Latin America after their recent expansion in the two cities as they prepare for Brazil and Uruguay. Mentioning ESG, he says its involvement has grown stronger and advises on its continuity in the business. Learn more about Yves Mirabaud on


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