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Tim Murawski’s Favorite Travel Destinations

Tim Murawski has many hobbies. He loves playing tennis, barefoot skiing, and athletics. Besides, Murawski loves spending time exploring and having fun in different places. As a fan of traveling, he enjoys going to other parts of the world with his wife and learning new things. The pandemic brought many changes to Tim Murawski’s traveling life. Although there were several places he looked forward to going with his wife in 2022, Tim Murawski had to put everything on hold when Covid-19 happened. 


He hopes that life will get back to normal so they can resume their traveling plans. Murawski wouldn’t want to risk going on an unsafe vacation; hence, he still explores nearby destinations for fun and adventure. During his leisure time, he loves climbing mountains and barefoot skiing.


Tim Mr. Murawski’s Top Travel Locations

Since each country has unique travel locations, it is hard for someone who loves traveling, such as Tim Murawski, to have a favorite destination. However, he believes that he would love to return to Bali, Thailand and New Zealand. According to Tim Murwaski, Thailand has the best and most affordable street food, while Bali boasts beautiful beaches and rainforests that anyone could enjoy exploring.


In Indonesia, you’ll find various landscapes and diving and hiking grounds. He advises anyone looking for a place to travel to consider visiting these destinations as travel restrictions have been reduced this year. Tim Murawski also recommends New Zealand because of its great environment.

Murawski also loves New Zealand because of its incredible geography in the form of beaches, glaciers, and tubes. He also praises the good hearts of New Zealanders who contribute to making the country a good place to spend time. Although Tim Murawski and his wife love traveling to different parts of the globe, they enjoy going back to New Zealand since they feel appreciated and learn more about the country.