Randy Douthit Shares the Challenges of Producing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic affected the television production industry like others. Most programs rescheduled recording, including those that didn’t follow the newly introduced health protocols to curb the spread of the virus. Randy Douthit, the experienced producer of Judge Judy’s courtroom program, also faced numerous challenges because of the pandemic. He noted that production during the pandemic was more costly than on regular days.

The program cast had to put more safety and testing procedures in place and spend more time on the shoot, increasing the production cost. In addition, all people working on the set had to make adjustments to continue working. They had to wear masks whenever working, and they needed to be tested and vaccinated and live the new life that the pandemic introduced.

For the last 20 years, Mr. Douthit has worked with Judge Judy. He said that successful production during the Covid-19 pandemic was only possible if people involved were careful about how they handled different matters. The production team had to undergo mandatory health procedures during the production. Additionally, the studio, which attracted many people on regular days, remained empty to reduce exposure to the virus.

Randy Douthit Turned to Remote Working

Randy DouthitAll Judge Judy office employees shifted to remote working during the pandemic. Judge Judy Sheindlin also conducted cases remotely, unlike most court proceedings through videoconferencing. The program’s production team filmed Sheindlin sitting in front of the viewers’ background. The reporters fed the evidence using a monitor for the Judge to go through before making the rulings.

The program continued uninterrupted amid the effects of the pandemic. However, after airing the final episode of Judge Judy, Mr. Douthit and Sheindlin started airing Judy Justice episodes on IMDb TV. Randy Douthit believes that hard work from everyone involved in the production of Judge Judy made it the success it was before and during the pandemic.