Securus Technologies Earning the Trust of Thousands

Securus Technologies, Inc. has become one of the leading forces in the industries of inmate communications as well as security. This company has been on the market for a few decades, and it has come a long way in its development.


Securus Technologies has a permanent home in Dallas, Texas. The company partners up with correctional facilities and owners of businesses to protect the property, to have surveillance and security tech of high quality, and reliable software to go with it. That is the primary business of Securus Technologies. Over the past handful of years, Securus Technologies embarked on a second business venture and started serving the industry of inmate communications. Securus Technologies became a provider of phone calls and video calls for all states of the U. S. and started steadily expanding their services.


The current leader of Securus Technologies, Inc. is Mr. Rick Smith who is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. In 2016, Mr. Rick Smith shared in front of media about the new milestone the corporation had achieved. One of the main focuses of Securus Technologies had been the expansion of the business as well as the services if offers. Securus Technologies had directed about a million dollars towards their goals and had achieved a few successful acquisitions and expansions of products.


The work of Securus Technologies had not gone unnoticed. The clients of the business have been flooding the company with positive reviews sharing how much Securus Technologies had helped them save their business by making it more protected and secure. The company had also helped them find out about dishonest staff members who had been stealing from the company or using its grounds for their illegal biddings. Securus Technologies has earned the trust of thousands of business owners and correctional facilities across the US.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – The Pillar of Grupo Televisa

     Media is one of the fastest growing industries of the world in the recent times and Mexico is not an exception. There are a number of media companies and many are coming up on a regular basis to fulfil the ever – increasing demands of the market. One of the biggest names in the media industry of Mexico is Grupo Televisa. The company is the largest and the first in the field of media in the Spanish speaking world. Grupo Televisa has expanded its business not only in Latin America but also in the whole world.

The man behind this immense success of Grupo Televisa is none other than Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, who is called as the media man, not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero joined the company in the year 2002 and since his joining he has simply devoted himself to the company in every way could. He is currently the chief financial officer, and at the same time, he is also one of the directors of the company as well. Besides managing all the finances of the company to its best, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero equally executes all the business operation at the top level.

Over the years of his joining in the company, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has made sure adequate growth of the company so that it can climb to its peak and no surprises Grupo Televisa is one of the market leaders in the field of media. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero formulates strategies in such an effective way that the company attracts several fresh talents and at the same time retains its best staffs. He encourages all employees to take an active part in the improvement of the media services of the company. No wonder Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is referred to as the pillar of Grupo Televisa.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Leader And Visionary

Plenty of credit goes to the man or woman who can pull together a team of people to accomplish great things. Such a feat requires the persistence, wisdom, and determination of a true business leader.

It is no wonder then that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has become the President of Bradesco, one of the largest banks and insurance companies in all of Brazil.

The Brazilian economy is one of the great wonders of the world at the moment. It has grow at rates not often seen in any economy anywhere else in the world. Brazil itself is the fifth largest country on Earth, and they are now seeing an economic boom that for them has probably been long overdue. This is why Luiz Carlos Trabuco was so optimistic when he spread his vision for the future of the insurance market in Brazil. Put simply, he believes it is just getting started.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has received the award for Insurance Personality of the Year twice now for his optimism and insight into the insurance markets in his home country. The first time was back in 2003, and the more recent victory was in 2007. Both times he talked about how the market for insurance in Brazil was just getting started. He wanted to be on the forefront of that market as it took off. It looks like that is exactly where he will be.

This man has been involved with Bradesco for thirty-eight years. It has been his life’s work to help the bank become a stronger player in Brazil and on the international stage. He has long advocated for insurance moving through the broker system in Brazil.

Optimism is not in short supply when it comes to Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the insurance industry. He just continues to believe that it will grow and grow so long as the State recognizes the important of insurance to its people in general. He personally believes that it is highly important to the maintenance of the social welfare of any particular country and pushes that point of view whenever possible.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated from Sao Paolo University with a degree in Philosophy. He used his passion for the subject to fight for the statue of Christ the Redeemer to be put among the Seven Wonders of The World. He has always taken on fights like this that he believes are so critically important.

The things that he is passionate about these days largely have to do with the insurance industry. He wants to see it reconfigured in his country to make it more accessible to more people. He believes that the government needs to fully understand the role that insurance plays in the lives of so many people. To do that, they have to be informed on the topic. He pushes every day to help them become a little more educated on it.

He is someone who was never handed anything that he got from anyone. Rather, he had to work his way up every step of the ladder in the insurance industry. He did the lower-level jobs for a very long time until he was able to move into the role he is in now. Therefore, this helps him to continue to have a passion for the work that he does very day. Without those experiences, this kind of thing may not matter nearly as much to him at all. The people of Brazil and the insurance industry there are lucky to have a fighter like Luiz Carlos Trabuco on their side.

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How Nathaniel Ru Brought Sweetgreen to Life

Nathaniel Ru was taking was attending Georgetown University when he was struck with the concept for a business. Okay, he collaborated with two other individuals during an entrepreneurship class and they eventually fell onto something that would later be known as Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a farm – to – table restaurant that is now located in all of the major cities in the Northeast. The goal of Sweetgreen was to provide nutritious, all natural, healthy meals for people who want to be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies.


Nathaniel Ru and his Sweetgreen co-founders could probably truthfully say that they were in the ‘right place at the right time’. As new graduates with no experience in business, Ru and his Sweetgreen co-founders were lucky to fall into places where people believed in them. Of course, that doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard to get there. Ru and the group saw a 560 sq/ft empty tavern located on M Street and they knew that this would be where they started their first Sweetgreen restaurant. The problem? Well, the landlord probably rightly had no interest in renting out to a bunch of young adults. Still, they persisted and after enough phone calls they finally managed to secure a meeting. Ru says, “It was the first and last time I ever wore a suit to a business meeting.”


Needless to say, the meeting went well and within a month Sweetgreen had a slew of backers, an architect, and a business plan that looked good on paper. Ru says of this process, “We would never be able to do it that way again. The timing was just right.” And right he was, indeed. Soon the first Sweetgreen would be opening up and then a flurry of activity and energy would overtake the company. Now, years later, there are 21 different Sweetgreen locations in some of the biggest cities in the Northeast — including Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.


Success with Sweetgreen hasn’t stopped the team of founders from continuing to push the limit. Theresa Dold, co-founder and head of marketing, says: “Sweetgreen was started with a deeper purpose.” Dold goes on to liken Sweetgreen to the tech giant Apple, saying that they both live by their values and focus on ‘why’ over ‘what. With these aspirations and this early success in the fold we anticipate a long and successful run for Sweetgreen.


Follow Nathaniel Ru on twitter @natanielru.

The Fascinating Life of Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson has been in the wine business since she was a child. Now the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, she has worked passionately to introduce her family’s wine to consumers across the globe. Jackson graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in 2010. Since then, she has been involved with the creation of the non-profit organization “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment Program” which highlights the importance of women who have faced hardship. Julia’s work is now primarily focused on marketing and international sales.

Sonoma County produces tremendous quantities of wine each year. Although it is commonly argued that Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the most reputable varieties of wine produced in Sonoma, Julia Jackson concurs that Cabernet is one of the best. The recent comments made by Jackson have resulted in a great deal of praise for Sonoma.

The Jackson family takes pride in crafting wines throughout six different counties on the west coast of the United States. Although Kendall-Jackson is among the more popular brands produced by the family, there are a plethora of other great wines including Carmel Road and Cambria. Julia Jackson and her family operate wineries across four continents, but nevertheless, the family looks forward to expanding their horizons.

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George Soros: A True Success Story

George Soros is a businessman, investor as well and accomplished author. George Soros is of Hungarian decent and is considered one of the most successful businessmen within the entire world. At present, George Soros is worth over 20 billion dollars.

George Soros began his business career by taking different jobs at merchant type banks. After working within the banking industry for a period of time Soros was able to start a Hedge Fund. George Soros first Hedge Fund was in 1969 and it was called “Double Eagle”.

Money earned from his first Hedge Fund enabled George Soros to start the company Soros Fund Management. Double Eagle was quite successful and the name was eventually changed to Quantum Fund. Within the first year of business Quantum Fund had over $10 million in assets. In 2012, it was estimated that Quantum Fund had over $20 billion in assets. Therefore, it is quite evident that George Soros is quite successful within the business world. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros has always believed in the “Theory of Reflexivity” . Soros says the “Theory of Reflexivity” helped him achieve great success in business. When you apply this theory to Capital Markets it can assist you when attempting to analyze wise business and financial investment choices.

Mr. Soros has always been a huge supporter of various political causes. Soros takes a liberal view where politics are concerned and he has donated large sums of money to several political organizations. George Soros is the founder of the “Open Society Foundation”.

*George Soros: A Real Contributor:

Over a twenty year period George Soros donated billions of dollars to a variety of philanthropic organizations. In addition, Soros was actively involved within the transition of Communism to ways of Capitalism in Europe. Soros also donated undisclosed sums of money to the Central European University.

Soros was born to a wealthy Jewish family. George Soros vowed at a young age that he would become a contributor as well as help others financially achieve their goals. It appears, George Soros kept his original promise. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros graduated from London School of Economics with a Bachelors degree. Soros also attended the same school for his Masters degree in Philosophy. Soros does consider himself a philosophical person to some degree. Soros feels his Philosophical viewpoints served him well within the business world.

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Securus Technologies; Fighting Crime from Within.

Securus is a communication technology company that is situated in the state of Texas. Securus provides essential services to correctional facilities all across the United States and some correctional facilities in Canada too. Apart from ensuring that inmates communicate with their loved ones, Securus is always keen on ensuring that such communication does not offend the law. The company has been around for a while, thus its big workforce of over 1000 employees. Apart from its main office which is situated at Texas, Securus has several regional offices in both the Unite States and Canada.

The company is reliable. Records indicate that Securus has worked with over 2200 correctional facilities within US and Canada. The company has made heavy investments in patents and acquisitions. Securus has been reported to have spent over 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions. In its bid to ensuring that it provides state of the art services to its clients, Securus has partnered with several technology companies of repute.

The partnerships have to lead to the creation of cutting edge technology which in turn has helped improve living conditions in correctional facilities. Securus partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016 to create a service named ‘’Cell Defender’’. The technology is meant to ensure that contraband phones within prisons are not able to connect with mobile networks. The Cell Defender has been great in securing prison facilities, and as a result, illegal, communication between inmates and other inmates has been reduced.

Such an invention is of great value to not only the law enforcement agencies but the society at large. This technology provided by Securus stops crime at its inception. The illegal correspondence blocked could have been meant to organize criminal activities, some violent, against fellow inmates and prison officials or their families. According to the CEO of Securus, ensuring the safety of the society in general forms part of the company’s DNA.

According to PR Newswire, the company develops crime fighting technology that helps prison officers every week. The undertaking is of great help to law enforcement agencies and prison staff. It also helps the inmates themselves as it ensures they too, live in a safe environment.

Securus’ dedication to ensuring safety in prisons has earned it a lot of praise from stakeholders in the law enforcement. PR Newswire has sampled some of the letters that clients send to Securus. The clients’ responses have been very positive and encouraging. One of the letters claim that Securus’ technological advancements have been instrumental in ensuring that criminal activities within and outside prisons have been reduced. Another writer was thankful for the technology provided by Securus as it has greatly helped in the fight against drug abuse.

A prison official also wrote to Securus commending its technology, and he goes ahead to explain that they have used this technology to fight corruption in their facility. Other writers thanked Securus because its technology has reduced potential security risks to the prison because the risks get detected early enough.

3 EOS Flavors You Won’t Want To Miss

There are so many EOS lip balm flavors to choose from! There is one for every mood and occasion. Here are three of the most popular flavors of this year:


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew:

This EOS flavor is hard to beat. First of all, the spherical shape is colored light, honeydew green, and looks just like a cute little melon ball! The experience continues when you twist it open, as inside you are greeted with the most delightful combination of melon and honeysuckle, that trumpet shaped flower that hummingbirds love so much. We can see why they love it! Honeysuckle is such a rare flavor to find in the lip balm isle, but we are glad that we found it!


  1. Strawberry Sorbet

This flavor is more subtle than you might expect. You won’t be overwhelmed by an overly sweet, sticky lip balm. Rather, it goes on smooth and light and leaves you with a hint of strawberry sorbet to dream about. Buy it here,


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry:

This combination is off the charts. Pomegranate seeds are kind of tangy and tart, while raspberries are sweet. The two flavors balance each other out and make this flavor a delightful one to wear. The rich red case is fun too!


Visit their official page.


EOS was launched about ten years ago, when three business partners came up with an innovative new product and wanted to share it with the world. At that time, no one had seen anything quite like the spherical little lip balms that the business owners came up with, but they perused their dream and continued to pitch the product. Find out more here.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, and the company prides itself on using ingredient that are paraben, petroleum, and gluten free. The lip-balms include Shea butter oil as well as other oils that help lips feel smooth and stay that way.

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Samuel Strauch — Passion And Flow

A Guide To Business From Samuel Strauch

When it comes to real estate in Florida, Samuel Strauch is a credible businessman who has been successful for many years. He started his career as a banking professional and eventually made the move to real estate.

He has a business degree from Hofstra and has also spent time as a student at Harvard University.

He is currently the founder and owner of Metrik real estate and has always been very happy to spread the word about flow and happiness and to also show people some strategic tips about entrepreneurship.


What does Samuel Strauch say about flow and happiness?

Flow and happiness are incredibly important no matter what you are trying to put your mind to. A flow state is a timetable in which you are getting out of your hand and not getting lost in the mix of things that run through your mind on a regular basis. According to Samuel on Ideamensch, it is important to know how to differentiate between your gut instinct and the thoughts that come and go but have no bearing on your life unless you give them credence.

Samuel Strauch is an avid meditator who chooses to take part in meditation on a daily basis. By having increased focus and building your particular activation systems through meditation, you will increase the state of flow and happiness in your life. Make sure that you find synchronicity between your personal and professional life by being grounded and a purpose. This is the foundation for your your life and will allow you to make the most out of the results that you get.

The last thing you would want is to do something just because you feel like you are supposed to. If you really want to make the most out of your business and personal life, be sure that you are passionate about everything that you are doing and this will leave the work ethic and planning that goes into it. When passion and a higher purpose are at the root of the things that you do, you will be able to pursue the things that you love in life.

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Hussain Sajwani is the Donald Trump of Dubai

Hussain Sajwani has found himself a powerful all in Donald Trump. Sajwani and the new leader of the free world have become close friends since becoming business partners. The two first collaborated in 2003 on a project that consisted of developing the luxury Trump International Golf Course and Trump World Golf Course in Dubai. The Trump Organization managed both projects.

Sajwani’s remarkable track record in the property market was what convinced Trump the two could have a business relationship that would be profitable for both parties involved. He never imagined their business relationship would grow into a genuine love for one another between the two. The two are very similar at their cores. Sajwani has even been deemed the Donald Trump of Dubai.

He has publicly stated he has a desire to do more deals with Trump. Sajwani even offered him a very lucrative, by even Trump’s standards, real estate deal in Dubai. However, Trump turned the deal down. The two’s business relationship may be slowed since Trump announced he has no plans to make any new business deals while in office.

Sajwani has accomplished much in the property market industry. he is even considered to be a pioneer of property market expansion in Dubai. Realizing that land in Dubai was about to become very valuable due to the Dubai government decree that foreigners would be allowed to own properties in the emirates, he founded DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC owner developed several hotels to contain the rising number of professionals moving to the area. Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Sajwani has been involved in many charitable initiatives through DAMAC Maison, the hospitality division of DAMAC Properties. Sajwani also donates funds to various non-profit organizations geared toward providing bespoke services to needy children in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani Family & Personal Life

Hussain Sajwani was the first born of five children. He decided on a career in business at an early age after being inspired by his father who too was a business owner. Today, Sajwani lives with his loving wife and children in Dubai.

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