Bob Reina Says No More

In life, people always have a choice, even if it feels like they don’t in certain situations or certain matters. There are always solutions and believe it or not, most of them can be fixed with a simple conversation. Bob Reina understands that to the fullest. That was why he created and founded Talk Fusion a decade ago. Now, ten years later, the company is bigger and better than ever. They are growing each and every single day. Bob Reina knows that the worst thing a company can do is stay still and not grow. That is dangerous for a company. However, most of all, he wants people to have a choice.


That is the thing about the world: everyone is different and everyone is wired differently. That is a good thing, though. It means that the world is filled with individuals and the more individuals out there, the better the world will be in the long run. If everyone just conformed and did the same thing, the world would look like a bunch of robots. Talk Fusion is all about letting people be their true selves and feel comfortable in their own skin. There are a lot of brilliant minds, but they need the right platform to express it.


Talk Fusion offers that to them with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this helps businesses grow. Read more: It does not matter if a business is big or small. They can all benefit and grow using Talk Fusion, which is the true beauty of the company. This is not the type of product that is one sized fits all. Bob Reina also has a great IT team that is working very hard to make sure the product is running smoothly and up to date.


Reina is the leader and he oversees everything, but he is also smart enough to keep people that have great ideas around him Watch here 🙁 He is always open to ideas and he loves to hear them. That is why Talk Fusion has such an exciting and fun-filled atmosphere for its employees that work there.


Brian Bonar Has A Recipe For Business Success

The life of a CEO is interesting. Many people wonder how CEOs make the decisions that they have to make on a daily basis that ultimately affect everyone who works at the company. The decisions have to be made and the CEO is the individual who has to make the decisions. There are many CEOs who do a great job as the top executive at the company. They have grown to understand what is needed to be a good CEO. The recipe to being a good CEO has a mixture of many different ingredients.

In the same way that a good cook has to follow a recipe, good CEOs realize that the ingredients needed to make a successful company requires various things with different amounts of the ingredients. Some ingredients require only a little while others require more of certain ingredients. With years of experience and a personal skill set that contains what is needed, CEOs can take a company to great success.

The ingredients that are needed to make a company successful depend in large part on the particular company, the business market, and the capabilities of the CEO. What is needed is different for each company. Therefore, all companies are different because the parts that makeup companies are different from company to company.

A business veteran who has been in the top executive seat at numerous companies is Brian Bonar. As a top CEO and chairman, Brian Bonar has made a large number of companies successful under his management.

He brings a unique set of professional qualities to the table that allow him to manage in a way that few executives can attempt. Brian Bonar has a business background that includes many fundamental building blocks that makeup a successful business professional.

He has the experience, academic background, business success, expertise, and personality traits that make him a successful CEO. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He has the ability to guide very different companies using very different plans and he is able to make all the companies perform at exceptional levels. A hard worker with a team attitude, Brian Bonar knows what is needed to make companies in almost any business industry successful.

His resume reads as a great honor society. He has many honors listed on his resume that demonstrate his capabilities as a top CEO. He is at the helm of several successful companies that shows his ability to produce outstanding business success.

Brian Bonar is an entrepreneur who has done a great amount in his professional career. He is a recognized name in the business world who has accomplished much more than many will ever accomplish in the business world. However, the same drive that he had at the beginning of his career is still there three decades later.

Get A No Dropped Call Inmate Calling Network With Securus Technologies

Get amazing inmate calling features that will allow their love ones to stay connected to their family and friends in a correctional facility with Securus Technologies. They proudly employee over 12,000+ IT professionals in telecommunications safety, customer service, and calling solutions. They first acted as a regulations provider that was responsible for monitoring and surveillance. Now, they reign as a leading inmate provider company that is completely leading the network. They are responsible for successfully handling over 2.4 million calls over the past year. Securus recently won the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service.


Their customers were recently responsible for using a high level of interactive technological features to solve and prevent a crime that involves a corrupt staff member. They were proud to have a platform that caters to customer feedback. Securus ensures that their customers have the benefits of an absolutely secure network that eliminates dropped calls. Their prices are chosen over their competitors $4 to $1. Thousands of customers are choosing Securus Technologies over other leading networks like Global Tel-Link. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of a rewarding correctional calling network by joining Securus through their interactive website.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Online Photos


Get those important photos to the ones you love in a correctional facility. Once, your photos are approved by the facility they can view them securely online. Family members can send a photo with a small fee.


Remote Visitation


Visit your love ones over a correctional facility with a high definition video with complete control over the sound. You never have to leave home with the benefits of remote visitation provided online by Securus Technologies.


You’re invited to become a part of Securus Technologies today.


How the Copa Star Hospital Is Like Staying At a Five-Star Hotel

Located in Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star is a new type of hospital that combines high-quality medical care with a facility that feels like a five-star hotel. It was built by Rede D’Or São Luiz which has a number of hospitals in Brazil but this is their first luxury hospital. It was completed and open for business in October 2016.

The Copa Star was designed to take advantage of the latest in smart technology. Every patient is given an iPad that comes with customized apps. One of the apps allows patients to communicate via video with their doctors, including looking at their medical charts. They can also message their team of nurses with their requests for attention. Additionally, there is an app that allows them to access all of the smart technology built into their hospital suite. This includes raising and lowering the blinds, adjusting the lights, and changing the position of their bed. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

Other technology incorporated into the hospital includes the latest cutting edge technologies in the three operating rooms in the Copa Star. The operating rooms have robotic assistants that help doctors perform surgeries that previously weren’t able to be done in Rio De Janeiro; instead, patients had to be flown to other cities for some operations that the Copa Star can perform.

The Intensive Care Center has screens that look like windows to the outside world. These screens show patients the famous Copacabana beach which lies just outside of the hospital. The screens are designed to keep patients as comfortable as possible and help them recover from their trauma. Another way the comfort of patients are looked after in the Hospital Copa Star is the olfactory system that is in the building. This olfactory system replaces the usual scent that hospitals are known for with a smell that is a mix of citrus and wood. Research has shown that pleasant smells can help patients recover more quickly.

Another touch of elegance in the Copa Star is the artwork featured throughout the building. Yutaka Toyota is a celebrated Japanese artist who makes his home in Brazil. H was commissioned for the Copa Star and it features 231 of his works of art that greatly increase the feel and warmness that the hospital exudes.

The staff of the Copa Star is every bit of a match for the luxury of the physical environment at the hospital. They are highly trained professionals that bring the highest standard of care to their patients. The staff also undergoes additional training beyond what regular staff does in order to treat patients in the unique way that the Copa Star does. The success of the Copa Star has inspired its leadership to continue the idea in other cities around Brazil.

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Norman Pattiz Teams With Research Firm to Study Podcast Ads

The knowledge that podcast advertising influences brand recognition more than any other methodology was examined in a study conducted by Norman Pattiz and Edison Research.

As the Founder and Chief Executive of PodcastOne, Pattiz often measures efficacy by analyzing advertising trends. In the research platform, the levels of brand recognition were observed before the study and after the study.

This contrast and comparison was then classified as “pre-study” and “post-study.” The findings determined that there was marked increased in the level of brand awareness after subjects were exposed to podcast space advertising.

Study participants viewed podcasts featuring brands from various categories, including grocery brands, financial services, and a lawn and garden product and a product for the auto aftermarket.

Participants were neutral prior to viewing the podcast ads, afterwards they gain brand awareness. For example, the “automobile aftermarket” product showed a 4% increase in the “favorable” rating. The favorable brand acknowledgment for a casual restaurant increased by 76%. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz said, “These results further validate our multi-tiered approach to integrated advertising and measurement.” In other words, it effectively increases brand recognition among targeted audiences. This means that the recognition is directly tied to podcast advertising exposure.

Professionally, he also goes by “Norm.” Pattiz is known for his business acumen and financial prowess; in fact he’s sometimes referred to as the founder of “money making media,” for Westwood One.

Westwood One has earned the distinguished reputation as the largest mass media conglomerate in the nation. The groupings that Pattiz and Westwood One are directly responsible for managing covers CBS News, March Madness and distribution of NFL football and NCAA basketball, to name a few.

As expected for someone who’s conducting research studies and running a media empire; Norman Pattiz has a long list of accomplishments. These include a 2002 selection by then President Clinton for service on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

In that official role, Pattiz was credited for starting the Arabic language radio and television network, which provides services to the Middle East. Norman Pattiz was originally a career radio broadcaster.

As a result, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Despite all of his career, business and professional accomplishments; Pattiz remains humble, when asked about the “best” way he recently spent a $100; his response was that he gave it as a tip to a valet.

Why Samuel Strauch is an Acclaimed Real Estate Guru in Miami

Samuel Strauch is one of the renowned figures in South Florida’s real estate market. He ventured into real estate after joining his family’s real estate business. Since then, Strauch has accomplished significant milestones in the industry including being the founder and principal of Metrik Real Estate. Under Strauch’s leadership, Metrik Real Estate integrates a platform of similar enterprises in acquisition, equity sourcing, brokerage and management or real estate.

Strauch has managed to be a successful investor and businessman not only because of his level of experience but also excellent education background. He holds a BBA in international studies from Hofstra University and an international finance and international marketing degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Avid Investor

Strauch boasts of years’ worth of experience, particularly in the real estate industry. Besides his vast level of experience in the industry, his success is owed to other factors. These factors include his high level of professionalism, thorough analysis, execution, forward thinking and transparency. Samuel Strauch attributes his accomplishments to the success of his team members, clients, collaborators, investors and clients. Additionally, he has a proven to be a smart investor with a deep micro and macro understanding of the real estate market.

Investing and Leading a Purpose-Driven Life

Not many individuals find purpose in their personal and work life. However, Samuel Strauch has managed to do so in an excellent manner. When it comes to real estate matters, he has attained remarkable results through a successful working relationship with both investors and clients.

Aside from real estate business, Samuel Strauch has a curious personality that has enabled him to take a broader outlook both in personal and business life. As such, he is a shrewd cyclist and photographer. Samuel significantly believes that every person ought to make a positive impact on human growth by actively contributing in whatever capacity (big or small). According to him, minor actions have the ability to bring about significant positive change.

Contact Samuel Strauch for more information.

The Passion that Roberto Santiago has developed for Entrepreneurship

Roberto Santiago is a wealthy Brazilian businessperson. He is known for being the owner of Manaira Shopping Centre, which is one of the biggest shopping places in the country. Santiago strived to ensure that the mall has a lot of facilities that can attract people within its surrounding and also tourists. He was born in July 1958 and schooled at the Pio X-Marist College. Roberto later acquired a business administration degree from the University of Canter of Joao Pessoa.

After completing his higher education, Roberto Santiago decided to establish his firm. He gained sufficient experience when he was running the company, and this assisted him to create a foundation for his business career. The entrepreneur’s first business was a cafeteria that was situated in Santa Rosa. He later started a business the majored in the manufacture of utilitarian and decorative products. The venture was highly successful, and he made significant returns. Santiago used the wealth that he had accumulated to construct the Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Center, which was launched in November 1989. The mall has been attracting people from different parts of the country. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

Mr. Santiago is an excellent sports person and has won numerous championship trophies in both motor cross and kart. He is currently old but still loves the two sports. His mall has been greatly recognized due to the leisure, fun, and comfort that it offers. Manaira Shopping is devoted to developing healthy relationships with its clients. Roberto is a passionate and devoted entrepreneur, and this has supported him to be successful.

Manaira Shopping is located in the state of Paraiba. It is one of the biggest shopping malls, and it took about two years to construct. The place has been operational for many years, and it has become a landmark in the city. Manaira Shopping started a modern gourmet place in 2014. It has a steak house and food court that provide delicious meals to the shoppers.

The shopping center has several entertainment facilities. They include a cinema, bowling, leisure place, an amusement park, concert hall, a game station, and a gym. The cinema has eight movie halls and two rooms that have been fitted with 3D technology. Other amenities that have been established at the mall include the College of Higher Education of Paraiba and various banks. Manaira Shopping’s rooftop has the Domus Hall, which has been operational for over seven years. The center is 27 years old, and it receives about 1.2 million clients every month. Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall occupies about 135,000 square meters. Its concert hall is huge enough to accommodate up to ten thousand standing people. The Domus Hall is used for hosting various activities, and they include art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, fairs, and many other private events.

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Bruno Fagali: Hiring A Good Lawyer In Brazil

Lawyers educate clients on the laws that are applicable to their case and help to resolve the daunting process of the legal system.

When you face a complex legal issue, your choice of legal representation can have a huge impact on the result of your case. Experience and a reputation for quality service and proven track record in the field are crucial considerations when deciding on the right lawyer.

Bruno Fagali is a competent Brazilian lawyer and he is passionate about advising and fighting for his clients. He focuses in the areas of Administrative Law, Urban Law, Ethics and Regulatory Law.

Bruno Fagali knows how to apply the law to resolve tough cases. Due to an established history of obtaining successful outcome, past clients consistently recommend clients to Bruno Fagali.

View Bruno Fagali’s YouTube Channel for more information.

Complex legal matters may occur at any time. Bruno Fagali is prepared to tackle the issue when you contact him. As a an experienced attorney, Bruno Fagali does not shy away from addressing challenging legal situations. He works with his clients to resolve their case through the efficient use of top notch industry resources. For expert and cost-effective representation get in touch with Bruno Fagali.


Alexandre Gama – Highly Respected Advertising Professional In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of the top most advertising professional and people in business in Brazil and holds the position of CEO and CCO at Neogama, a company he founded. Neogama is ranked amongst the top 20 advertising firms in Brazil and manages marketing and advertising for many of the top notch companies in Brazil. His leadership skills are clearly recognized industry-wide, and it reflects in him being elected as the global head of a network of agencies based in Great Britain.

Alexandre Gama completed his studies in communications and advertising from Alvares Penteado Foundation. After finishing his studies, he joined one of the top notch advertising firms, Standard Ogilvy and Mather, where he worked for few years as the creative copywriter.

After leaving Standard Ogilvy and Mather in 1990, he joined DM9 as creative director and copywriter and continued there for the next four years. During his time at DM9, he received many awards for his copywriting skills. He worked at many other advertising firms during his career span, including as CEO at Young and Rubicam and Creative Executive Director at Almap BBDO.

At the Cannes Film Festival held in France in 2008, he became the first ever Latin American to present the highly coveted Master Class.




How One Can Build Confidence With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

On forums and social media topics that are related to dating, people who struggle with dating are often given the same advice. One has to be confident in order to succeed in dating and relationships. However, there is an issue that many people are often faced with when it comes to dating. For one thing, a lot of people don’t know how to have confidence.

After all, confidence typically comes from experience. It is hard for one to just be confident without feeling delusional. This is why it is important for people to achieve something that will help them build confidence that will help them succeed with Whitney Wolfe’s app, Bumble.


Whitney Wolfe is an example of someone who is confident. She has built her own app which is proving to be a very helpful app that puts people at an advantage in dating. Both women and men are experiencing improvements with the app from the usual dating apps. This is one thing that brings even more confidence to Whitney Wolfe. She has come up with a creative idea that has turned out to work. Fortunately, she also has advice for people that are wondering how to build confidence so that they can gain a lot of success from Bumble.

One thing that could gain the interest of women such as Whitney Wolfe is someone who takes pride in how he looks. For instance, a man that dresses well is going to have a greater chance at attracting women than a man who is very sloppy with his outfit. This does not mean that one has to walk around with a suit and tie. These days it is all about knowing how to dress casually. If a man can find his own unique style, then he might gain the interest and curiosity of Whitney Wolfe and other women.

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