Anthony Petrello Brilliance In Managing Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a brilliant CEO of Nabors industries. This is one of the biggest companies in the world in the oil and gas drilling sector. As the CEO of this company, he is the head of all the operations in the firm. He is supposed to oversee drilling operation as well as non-drilling operation. Tony Petrello has not disappointed as a CEO of one of the largest companies in the country. In fact, he has made everything he can, to make the industry better by providing better service that will change the drilling industry. When he joined Nabors industries, it was not one of the biggest firms in the country. However, when he joined in 1991, he implemented a number of measures which have led to tremendous growth in the firm. Tony Petrello has applied brilliant decision-making in ensuring that the industry moves a notch higher in the delivery of services.

Tony Petrello is now a leading CEO in the United States. In 2015, he was listed among the highest earning CEOs in the country. This came after the company he is leading recorded very high profits leading to a better compensation by the management of the firm. In his tenure as the CEO, Nabors has moved to the number one position as the provider of the best drilling technology. It has been hired by some of the top oil companies in the world to assist them with drilling technology. Recently, there was an agreement between Saudi Aramco and Nabors Industries that will see the two firms cooperate in order to improve their production. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil firm in the world, estimated to be worth over $10 trillion. This new partnership is key to business as Nabors profits are expected to shoot up significantly.

Anthony Petrello has been supporting the oil company by ensuring that every decision that is made has the interest of the people at heart. Petrello has been making significant contributions in terms of implementing programs that not only improve the oil industry but those that help in making the industry safe. His tenure in office has proved that he is up to the task of making any business successful. When he joined Nabors industries, he had never managed any other business before. In fact, he was working as a lawyer. He had no qualifications related to the drilling industry. However, this did not stop him from excelling.


Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Currently Making Headlines

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been making headlines all for the right reasons. As they say, well get paid with good, and that is who Trabuco is, a good person. Carlos from the beginning of time has a had a knack for change, hence his efforts to transform Bradesco. The Bradesco of this day and time gives its competitors a run for their money all because of Luiz.

Bradesco’s history, which spans for decades, finds Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the only one much deserving of praise. Recall, Trabuco joined the company at a time when productivity was low leave alone the profit margins. However, Bradesco has since come of age because of the effort that Carlos has put towards transforming the organization.

Trabuco has succeeded where his successors failed. Bradesco, for years, was struggling to make a global impact. However, Bradesco is the second largest banking institution in Brazil, all because Trabuco had a vision of transforming the organization and acted on it.

Mr. Trabuco’s successes are currently evident due to the significant profits the company enjoys today. Luiz’s excellent management skills are to thank for the institution’s breakthrough, something that has seen the corporation grow from one glory to the other.


Bradesco does not thrive today out of chance but because of the choices, Luiz Carlos Trabuco made many years ago. Recall, Carlos joined the company as a very junior officer but because of his hard work, got promoted i9n leading different departments. Therefore, it is Carlos’ rise to power that has enabled him to transform the many departments in Bradesco over the years.

Indeed, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been instrumental in cleaning the mess in Bradesco, meaning that he is the one who has built the business from the ground up. Today, Bradesco is able to command a significant market presence because of the stellar products and services it offers the Brazilian consumers.

Carlos, despite being in Bradesco for forty-nine years, still feels that there is more than enough he can deliver to the corporation. However, the time for him to step down as the company’s President is fast approaching. In truth, the employees at Bradesco area disturbed lot since Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always been their light at the end of the tunnel.

Luckily, Trabuco, even after his presidency will still remain in Bradesco, taking on the responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Luiz, however, has come to terms with his fate and feels confident that his successor as new president, Octavio de Lazari Junior, will take Bradesco the extra mile.

Succession is a very serious matter in Bradesco and settling for Octavio shows that the leadership in the company wants the corporation to survive for another a hundred years. Lazari, who is, by all means, the younger version of Trabuco, has a lot in store for his new company. Mr. Lazari rings to Bradesco his expertise in banking coupled with years of experience in the field. Hence, Octavio de Lazari Junior will surely see Bradesco through in its next phase, taking on Luiz’s unfinished projects.

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Success and Contributions of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a great investor in America. Besides is an editor at Banyan Hill firm where he specializes in stock investment and giving the information to other investors through publications. He has been interviewed by various channels including Fox Business News, CNBC and even Bloomberg TV. Upon his coming to the United States he started his financial career in 1991 on Wall Street where he served as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust.

Mampilly was able to rise to more senior positions and was given responsibilities of handling multimillion dollar accounts for various banks such as Deutsche banks and ING, Sears and private Swiss Bank and many more. After working for years, he stopped working for organizations and instead devoted much of his time in providing services to Americans that had the passion for investments to meet their goals. He knew that working as an independent he would be in the most appropriate position to execute his services in serving the clients and investors well. Read this article at

For this reason, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing which is a reputable and reliable publishing firm for investment research. This firm has over $80 million generated from sales of its publication that are sold to people. Paul Mampilly started his work in Banyan in 2016, and within those few years, there are more than 90,000 readers that have subscribed to his newsletter Profits Unlimited. The main ideas that are discussed by Paul Mampilly on his newsletter are based on investments opportunities. This is significant to investors because they get to identify the available opportunities in the market.

Also, the investment is made easy since he highlights the most appropriate stocks that will be profitable to the investors and recommend them to buy. The skills and knowledge that Paul Mampilly has in the investment industry are remarkable since he once participated in the Templeton Foundation investment competition and emerged as a winner. He was able to invest $50 million to be $88 million that had a return of about 76%. This was extraordinary since there was a recession that was affecting the market but he emerged victoriously.

Furthermore, there are other investments that he has ventured into as his personal investments business and they perform well in the market. To ensure that he reaches a vast number of investors, Paul Mampilly makes lots of publications of his research on investment through Banyan Hill Publishing where people can have an ease of accessing the information.



What Is The Secret Behind Flavio Maluf Leadership?

What really does it take for a leader to maintain his position for over two decades yet dispensing quality leadership skills that have seen the company move from one level of success to another? Well, the question can perfectly be answered by a champion executive like Flavio Maluf who has been the CEO for Eucatex Group since 1997. There is no magic about his success, it’s all about diligence and commitment in whatever he puts his hands and minds to do. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Born in late 1961, Flavio Maluf solidified his education by attending FAAP, Sao Paulo where he pursued Mechanical Engineering degree. He later joined Eucatex in 1987 in trade section and transferred to the industrial sector. His uncle who was the President of the company promoted him in 1996 following his quality performance and Maluf joined the Eucatex executive group. As a result of his incredible performance, he became the President of the Company in 1997 and since then, he has been paving the way to the group of employees in the company always focusing on new innovations and launching new products in the company.

Having been offering its innovative and environmentally friendly products for over six decades since its inception in 1951, Eucatex Group has been on the forefront of producing eucalyptus sheets and panels all over Brazil. Recently, Flavio Maluf made a major move in collaborating with Duratex in their operations. The deal involves Eucatex giving their farm in Capao Bonito to Duratex in exchange for the farm in Botucatu city which produces thin sheets. Nevertheless, the deal must be approved by CADE.

The Botucatu farm has over 280 employees and this means Flavio has to manage all of them and the production capacity of the farm is over 200,000 per square meter annually. Duratex, on the other hand, is planning to revive their Itapetinga factory to enhance their production. According to Flavio Maluf, the acquisition will boost the production of capacity of paper printing by 40%, fiberboard by 70% and the paint capacity by 30%. Besides, the new venture would reduce the company’s processing losses; create job opportunities and increase their operation base all over Brazil and globally. Flavio is a great resource for many startups entrepreneurs and his blogs have helped many succeed in their workplaces. Follow:


Paul Mampilly, A Successful Investment Expert

Paul Mampilly is a popular investor guru and a former manager of the hedge fund. Paul is the founder of a well-known investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited. In this newsletter, he utilizes his knowledge, experience, and skills to guide over 90,000 of his subscribers into the stocks expected to shoot higher. Previously, Paul also managed finances for Sears, a private Swiss bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul Mampilly has been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Fox Business News. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Paul Mampilly has written a lot about stocks especially with new technologies and apps that emerge, and one of the articles he has published at Banyan Hill is on Bitcoin. He admitted that when Bitcoin was entering the market a couple of years ago, it was a good investment at that time, but currently, he is saying that you should probably avoid it as an investor. The reason Paul recommends investors not to purchase Bitcoin stocks is due to its high popularity that drove the prices of stock much higher than it ought to have gone. Mampilly noted that the DotCom bubble followed the same trend in 1999 followed by the housing market back in 2008. While the price of Bitcoin is not anticipated to happen at a fast boom pace, the flop seems to be an inevitable conclusion.

Paul Mampilly’s investment advice is not only trusted because of his long-standing resume of managing significant investments for prosperous clients but also due to his long record of correctly predicting how some firms would perform in the future. Paul came to the United States in the late 80’s and joined Montclair State University, where he studied economics and finance and also attained his MBA from the Fordham University. Mampilly started portfolio management in 1991 at Deutsche Bank where he worked as a research assistant. He became so skilled in predicting where different markets were going and it landed him senior management positions in a couple of other big banks.

Paul reached the highest level in his career when he got an appointment with the Kinetics International Fund executive board. He assisted in raising the assets of the hedge fund from 6 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars and the firm was recognized by the Barron’s as one of the fast-growing hedge funds with almost 43% in returns. In 2008, Paul Mampilly participated and emerged the winner of Templeton Foundation investment after investing stocks amounting to $50 million which later turned $76 million despite the economic crisis being at its peak. View:

“Sick Boy” Is Starting A New Chapter In The Chainsmokers Musical Style

Almost everybody knows who the Chainsmokers are these days, even though they have only really been around in the music industry for a couple years. Their music has such strong vibes and appeals to the younger generations of today, which has allowed it to rise to the top of the music charts on a regular basis. Since the release of Roses back in 2015, the Chainsmokers have become a massive presence in the music industry.

They have become some of the highest paid DJ’s of the generation, making over 40 million dollars in a single year. As of late, the Chainsmokers have taken a turn from their usual music that fans know and love and have released a whole new genre of sounds. Unlike the party music people are used to, the Chainsmokers are now releasing a more sinister style of music with deeper rock tones instead of EDM.

This decision to try on a new style of music was a conscious one by Andrew and Alex of the Chainsmokers. There was no pressure or desire for them to try this new style, instead, they felt they were being limited by their success and the style of music they rose to fame with. Starting at the beginning of this year, the Chainsmokers have started producing this new style of music, starting with Sick Boy. These new songs are a way for the Chainsmokers to get more personal with their fans and tell a deeper story as well, instead of centering on the fun party songs like the past. In a recent interview, Alex and Andrew have stated they are fully committed to producing new styles of music for their fans in the future.

According to Alex Pall, their new music will cover a variety of different topics and stories that they want to personalize with their audiences. The duo worries about the younger generations out there ignoring the problems facing society and the false sense of excellence that is associated with being famous or successful. At the end of the day, everyone is living in the same world together. Their latest album is surely interesting, to say the least, only time will tell if it reaches the level of success that their EDM style sounds have in the past.

Bernardo Chua And His Company And Social Media Presence

There are many who enjoy drinking coffee and who consume the drink each day. There are some who cannot get their day started without first having some coffee. Bernardo Chua is someone who saw how many people were enjoying coffee and who wanted to get a new kind of coffee into the hands of consumers. He had a vision to sell a healthier kind of coffee and he found a way to do just that. The bioactive coffee that he wanted to offer to consumers is something special, and Mr. Chua created a company with the main goal of getting this coffee out to those who would be interested in purchasing and consuming it. He created Organo Gold, a group of companies that puts out products such as coffee. In 2015, the company that he had created went through a name change. Organo Gold became simply Organo but it continues to do the work that it was first created to do. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

The Twitter profile of a person like Bernardo Chua can be interesting as it gives people the chance to see what that kind of person is really like. The Twitter profile of Bernardo Chua in particular shares simple posts that speak to his real life and the things that he does with his time. One recent post shares that he was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while he was posting. Another post shares how he was spending time at a staff party and how he was enjoying that. This post was accompanied by a picture so that those who follow him could see what the party was like. This man isn’t concerned about making his social media profile professional or serious, but he allows it to be something personal and something that shows who he is as a person.

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Rocketship Education States that Growth Scores are Just as Important as State Test Results

Modern student academic performance is evaluated through test scores. Many states use state testing methods to determine if a child has learned the body of knowledge needed to pass their grade level. Test scores are good for figuring out if a child is ready to move on to the next grade. However, they fall short with providing information about a child’s progress throughout a given school year. State test scores only provide administrators, school officials and teachers with the big picture. According to Rocketship Education Charter School, MAP testing provides a better way to evaluate a student’s progress throughout a given year.

What is MAP testing? MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. This test was created by NWEA which is an assessment service company that provides various evaluation products to the education system. Close to 7,500 schools around the country use this tool for their students.

The MAP test is provided in increments. One test is given at the beginning of the year, then the other tests are provided periodically as the year moves toward its end. Students could take anywhere between 3 to 6 tests depending on how their school year is structured. The test covers the material that educators are supposed to be teaching within a given quarter, semester or grading period.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools have been using MAP testing for their students for many years. This charter school system first opened its doors back in 2006. Rocketship serves underprivileged communities where education is not valued or is provided with poor quality service. This charter school system gives poorer neighborhoods a chance to properly educate their students. It serves elementary students from K – 5 in various schools located all over the country.

The MAP test results given by Rocketship educators have helped the teachers within this system to discover struggling students. It has also helped them to better inform parents about the changes they need to make to help their children to get ahead if they are falling behind.

MAP testing also benefits students by its ability to show if a student is doing well within a given semester. If a teacher can discover this information they can determine if many students within their class are grasping the material. Rocketship Education strongly encourages parents to push for MAP testing if they’re needed in their student’s school.

Matt Badialis Freedom Checks are Genuine, but Wait! Freedom Checks is his Invention

It has been a couple of weeks since millionaire investor and businessman was spotted on social media carrying what seemed to be a fat check that was issued by the National Treasury. The video sparked lots of activity and aroused interests in both serious investors and idlers on social media. What emerges of importance at the end of the hustle to unravel what the business consultant and investor were up to is that while the term “Freedom Checks” was the author’s invention, the checks that Matt Badiali was referring to actually exist. So, the puzzle as to whether the Freedom Checks are true or not is settled. However, there arises a deeper concern and inquiry. People need to know what the whole drama was all about. Read this article at

The So-Called Freedom Checks Are Truly Genuine

Freedom Checks came into existence after Congress Enacted a law that gave a tax rebate to companies that operate oil exploration business and engage in the transportation of the same within the US. A team of media investigators has established that the US law allows a certain group of companies to operate tax-free if they meet certain specific conditions. The famed Statute 26-F that was a product of the congressional action which has been used to admit 568 companies in what is referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

How Badiali discovered the Freedom Checks

Since it is Matt who used the term Freedom Checks for the first time to refer to the benefits that accrue from the Master Limited Partnerships, this article will loosely use the term freedom checks to refer to the payments that emanate from the gains that the companies under Master Limited Partnership make. Matt Badiali was working on a project initiated by one of his rich clients. The project involved interacting closely with giant oil exploration companies. Therefore, Matt was privy to insider conversations among the top leadership of the oil and gas exploration companies. He heard about Stature 26-F. When he pried further, he discovered what the law meant for business. He discovered that such companies are required to distribute 90% of their profits to the stakeholders. In other words, individuals who held shares with such companies would gain significantly compared to any other investment venture in stocks or government program such as the 401(K). It should be noted, however, that the checks that Matt Badiali was talking about are not a government program issued checks. They are by far more profitable than such programs, though. Check:




Steps To Success With Market America

For people that want to create a successful company, there are examples that can help along the way. One example is Market America. As many would know, Market America has started out as a small company. Then it has worked its way towards being a large and revolutionary company. It has become so successful that it is able to offer an opportunity to others. This has come in the form of being an unfranchise. People now have the opportunity to run their own unfranchise business. All that is needed is for them to get targeted traffic to their sites.

The first step is signing up for the opportunity. As people sign up, they get themselves ready to start work on bringing customers to the company. The only thing they have to do is figure out the type of business that they are going to run. Once they figure that out, then they can decide on the products they are going to link to. They don’t have to market the product at all. All that is needed is to the product description page where all of the marketing is done. Then the customer decides whether or not he wants to buy the product. If the customer buys the product, then the person who provided the link is going to make the profits.

There are many people who have taken on many different methods for success. They have found the method that is best suited to the type of business they want to run. As a result, Market America has brought them success that has gone beyond what they have envisioned. They are also able to participate in special events from Market America. This is not only an opportunity for making money but also an opportunity to building relationships and building a community.,25.htm