OSI Food Solutions: Leading the World in Food Production

OSI Food Solutions is a global supplier of custom value food products to the lead food services and retail foods. Founded in the United States, OSI has made it their mission to span the globe and create just as many career opportunities. In 2016, OSI received the Globe Honour Award from the British Safety Council for its management in environmental risks. They were one of 18 companies to receive such an award. In order to receive the award, they had to a maximum of five stars and demonstrated that they were excellent in environmental management throughout all levels of business—from shop to boardroom.

As the demand for chicken products rise, OSI Food Solutions plans to answer the call. The company plans on doubling the amount of chicken they produce so that fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks, can receive the amounts of chicken needed to sell to the public. In order to fulfill the demand in Europe, they have purchased Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturing company that makes convenience store foods, meats, and snacks. Due to this recent purchase, OSI Food Solutions now has manufacturing in Europe to help reach their demand as well. They have also purchased a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. From this plant, prepared chicken meals, such as chicken pieces, meatballs, and cordon bleu are sent out to consumers in the United States.

Careers in OSI Food Solutions are open to individuals who possess passion, seek innovative solutions and share in the belief that everyone can make a difference. The environment is stimulating, offers challenges to the employees and rewards opportunities. OSI Food Solutions want individuals who thrive in entrepreneurial environments and enjoys working with others to finds solutions. There are a multitude of possibilities based on where the company is located, including management. Whether a recent graduate or a professional looking for a new path, OSI hires anyone.

Wes Edens And Soccer

Wes Edens is one of the famous people when it comes to the sports world. However, this businessman does not display his competence on the court or field. For many years, he has co-owned the Milwaukee Bucks. Nonetheless, after successful years in the basketball sport, Wes Edens has new minds concerning the international sports field. Because of this, Wes just bought a majority stake in Aston Villa, one of the upcoming soccer clubs in England. At the moment, the club is trying to get a position in the renowned English Premier League and the support that Wes Edens is providing, this will be possible.

Only the best teams take part in the Premier League. The premier league has so many fans across the world because the football played here has a high-quality competition. For a team to get into the Premier League, it must prove its position of being the best among the best. The prominence of the league only allows 20 clubs at any given moment. Nevertheless, the league is not fixed; teams can be sent packing out of the League if they do not perform to standard and this is what makes the competition in the league more intense.

Because of this, Aston Villa is putting more efforts into ensuring that it improves its stand in the soccer world. The team has the required experience, and it is sure that an upgrade is something possible. The team was in the premier league some years ago. For decades before it was ousted, Aston Villa was a frequent face on circuit of the Premier League. The team, in 1982 won the European Cup. Nonetheless, in the recent years, the team has been struggling to get to the Premier Leagues where it has failed for several consecutive seasons to finish well.

During this low period, the team, which has its base in Villa Park, started to lose the driving force. In the wild season in 2016, the team experienced their worst fall from grace. It was after this defeat followed by another disappointing finish team never qualified again to play in any significant soccer games and was sent back to small leagues. The team has been putting into place new mechanisms to see it back to their glory since then. The organization is making all the attempts to see team in the Premier League because this is where it belongs according to the fans. The team believes that this will happen because it has new support from Wes Edens.

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Get a Balanced Diet You Trust with the OSI Food Group

The OSI Food Solutions Group is well known in the diverse food industry as food service professionals. They’ve been in the industry for over a century lending a safe diet to millions of families. As a start, the OSI Group was initially started as a meat packaging company based in Aurora, Illinois. Today, they’re one of the largest food service professionals in North America. They remain committed to the tough food service guidelines set forth by the food industry regulators. Each meal is packed with the vitamins and nutrients recommended by the daily value system. Packed with nutrients, the OSI Group continues to feed your family smart.

OSI Recent Online Business News

The OSI Food Solutions Group never fails to keep an eye out for big international food group leaders and the EU food industry quickly stood out. The OSI foods team gradually committed to an international food deal with the Flagship Europe food group. Their goal has always been building relationships with the industry’s best. The move was a success and allowed them to double their food production. Great food can be a bridge between industry giants and the communities they feed. OSI has also made a recent acquisition with the Dutch, Baho Foods Group.

The OSI Group Gives To Local Charity

Without disclosing the amount, the OSI Food Solutions Group has given generously to many local area charities, but actively participates in many international local area relief efforts. They’ve been able to give to the United Way and the Salvation Army. OSI also has a team of associates that focus on keeping Illinois clean with a summer clean-up program. Their job iniative has allowed them to create over 7,000 jobs worldwide. They create sustainability as well as feed the same communities. Their iniative is eliminating poverty; one area at a time.

Their OSI Food Solutions Group is spear headed by professional leader and CEO, David A. McDonald. He works hard to bring new food industry leaders to the industry. If you’re interested in a safe diet, you can visit the OSI webpage for more details on their food contents.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://de.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Igor Cornelsen’s rise through the Investment World

Igor Cornelsen is an internationally active investment advisor hailing from Brazil. Cornelsen’s various investment tactics and strategies have made him a consistent big player in the investment world. He owes much of his success to his ability to predict fluctuations and movements in various markets. He focuses on international trends and uses the economic interactions of various national economies to make his investment decisions.

Cornelsen does not much care for the advice or analytics of other investment professional. He feels that many analyses are made with emotional biases. He says emotion and ideology have no place in investing. Cornelsen looks at facts only and invests accordingly. He gets his news from the source before it is interpreted by other investors.

By focusing on macro-level investments, Igor Cornelsen is able to have an international presence and make large investments on the behalf of his clients. His methods almost guarantee returns.

Before he opened his own investment firm in 1995, Cornelsen worked for a couple of London based Merchant Banks. These banks paid him in US dollars, which allowed him to invest in markets that before had been unobtainable.

Prior to working with Merchant Banks, Cornelsen was worked for Unibanco, based out of Rio de Janeiro. Cornelsen sat on Unibanco’s board of directors from 1978 to 1985. Prior to Unibanco, he was at Multibanco, another Rio de Janeiro base firm. He began working at Unibanco as a board member in 1974. He quickly rose through the ranks and was the banks CEO by 1976. His tenure was short, however, as he decided to leave Multibanco in 1978 after the firm was acquired by the Bank of America.

Prior to all of this, Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Panama. He began his college career studying engineering but switched to economics to focus on business.


Water is an essential liquid for our body’s nutrients. The type of water that you choose to put inside your body is especially critical since most water we drink nowadays is processed and purchased in bottles. For the last several years, people have been deciding whether to drink tap water and to filter it separately or to purchase bottled water straight from the store that is already filtered at a plant. The price of bottled water almost matches that for soft drinks and other processed specialty drinks which was not the case 40-50 years ago. In a January 2018 article by Stephen Ray, he explores one such bottled water maker, Waiakea Water. We will discuss his article but first, a few words about Waiakea Water.

Waiakea, Inc. is a well-known wholesaler of the Hawaii Volcanic Water brand. Waiakea boasts being one of the healthiest premium waters in the world as it contains essential healthy minerals, electrolytes, and natural alkaline. Waiakea water pH is listed as high as 8.8 which ranks high among premium waters. The founders report that their water is also on a highly sustainable, charitable and ethical platform.

Waiakea has also claimed many awards during the last several years. They have picked up awards from the National Restaurant Association, BevStar, World Beverage Innovation Awards and Best in Biz Award. They have been proudly featured in such media outlets as Good Morning America, Forbes, People Magazine, and Beverage World. Below, we will explore Stephen Ray’s article in more detail.

Stephen starts out by letting others know that people must research the different bottled waters to ensure that their claims are valid. He warns that purchasers should research that the source that the bottled water company claims is actually true. Stephen assures that Waiakea Water’s claims are all true and come from the quality source that it claims. He also states that this is evident due to the pH data of Waiakea’s water which is beneficial to our health. With a pH range of 8.2-8.8, the water is away from the lower acidic values and right in line with providing benefits to the human body.

The Waiakea Water brand is reminiscent of the Hawaii home base in that it brings a magical feeling coming from the Mauna Loa volcano which is one of the purest environments on earth.

Robert Deignan: Profound Creator of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan’s success story is the prime example of the level of achievement that the average person can attain when one remains self-confident and steady with ambition towards chasing their goals. In August of 2011, he became a CEO upon the founding of his own company ATS Digital Services. He created the company to resolve the issue of customers having to travel to reach an in-store service technician as the only means to restore their faulty tech devices. With the launch of ATS, Deignan assured that customers would have the option to have their computers troubleshooted by implementing software that would allow remote connections to the customer’s devices at their location with just one phone call. Robert Deignan’s inspiration for the development of the company came from his previous employment with an anti-malware company that forced him to use the idea in order to fix the company’s issue of blocked software installation.

Being that Robert Deignan conditioned himself to always utilize his full potential, it was inevitable for success to follow his decisions as a reflection of his integrity. Throughout the course of his life, Deignan remained noble in character by choosing to uphold those things in his life that made him most happy. As a child growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Deignan was a big fanatic of sports. He was so skilled as a football player in high school that he earned a full football scholarship to college. Using his scholarship, he was able to obtain an education at Purdue University in Indiana where he graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership. Nevertheless, being that he was passionate about playing football, he resumed playing the sport after college. Between 1997 and 1998, Robert Deignan played professional football for the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins. However, it was following his football career that he chose to navigate within the field of Information Technology that led him to become an entrepreneur. As CEO, Deignan’s main objective is to keep the customer happy while striving to maximize trust among consumers.


Eclectic Style And Taste Bring Success To The Chainsmokers Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers have recently found themselves seeking a new direction after coming to the realization they are now expected to perform for fans at huge events. The history of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart is largely based around their DJ performances, but a stylish performance on the live circuit is the next step for The Chainsmokers as they continue their impressive drive towards maintaining their position as the top electronic dance music act in the world.

One only needs to take a look at the house purchased in the Hollywood Hills by Alex Pall in 2016 to see the eclectic taste and style driving The Chainsmokers to the heights of the charts. Pall purchased the 1930s home because of the mixture of architectural styles seen in the building, including the classic midcentury modern and industrial elements added in the late 1980s. Thinking outside the box is of great importance to The Chainsmokers founding member, who enjoys bringing the outdoors into his Hollywood home in the form of a live tree growing through the entryway of his restored property.

Soon after meeting, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart realized their partnership could provide a different way of being for the music industry as a whole. Unlike previous collaborators, Pall found Taggart available to develop musical ideas each day, instead of the usual idea of developing songs separately before coming together to discuss ideas prior to a DJ set. Pall and Taggart set about creating a range of ideas which would form the backbone of the first songs the band would craft into their debut EP, “Bouquet.

One of the major changes in style provided by The CHainsmokers has been their decision to develop a definitive sound by stepping into the writing room and assisting in the creation of their own songs. Alex Pall believes the fact The Chainsmokers create their own songs adds to the ownership they feel for the music and assists in helping them feel confident in stepping into the limelight as vocalists.


Anil Chaturvedi: Experienced Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a well-respected gentleman with a forty year background in every aspect of the banking industry. People look to him for his opinion on the various issues that do affect the banking industry because of his experience. Anil has helped many banking organizations realize potential benefits as well as helped many clients make better financial decisions.

Professional Background

Anil Chaturvedi did obtain a Masters degree in business administration. Shortly after graduation, September 1987, he joined the State Bank of India in New York. He held the title of manager of business development and marketing while at this bank. He was only here for a few short years till July 1991.

Upon leaving the State Bank of India, Anil went on to join ANZ Grindlays Bank. He held the title of Vice President of US Operations. He stayed with this company till 1993. From here he went onto Merrill Lynch where he spent the next seventeen years of his career. While at Merrill Lynch, he was able to learn more about the banking world as well as able to join in the senior ranks in the global banking industry.

Anil Chaturvedi is now the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He has been using his unique and effective marketing strategy to bring more business into Europe from India and vice versa. The trade laws in India have become more flexible over the last couple of years which is making this more probable.

Anil has also been in charge of overseeing all the corporate advisory business that comes into the Hinduja Bank. He has really made a huge impact on this bank’s global merge, its acquisitions, attracting investors, and restructuring current policies.

Anil Chaturvedi is the go-to gentleman when it comes to private, investing, and commercial banking for anyone and everyone. With forty plus years of experience and the reputation that he has built for himself, who wouldn’t trust him.


Doe Deere”s Rise To The Top of The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is very interesting as well as fascinating. This specific field of work is very lucrative, but it’s very competitive. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime cosmetics? This particular beauty brand was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. Lime Crime is an extension of Deere’s fashion line, which hosted the same name. Doe Deere is actually from Russia, and she started this beauty brand because there was a lack of vibrant colors on the market amongst beauty brands. As a youngster, she would always dress-up in some of the most flamboyant colors, but who knew that these flamboyant colors would make her famous?

Shortly after moving to New York City at the age of 16, she would join a band. In all honesty, this was the main reason to why she left Russia in the first place. Her love for being in the music business was very strong, and she actually got a chance to perform with a local band. This band traveled around the New York City metropolitan area. Deere learned a lot about the business from behind the scenes. She spent most of her time residing in the borough of Brooklyn. After attending the affluent FIT for a short period of time, Deere decided to go into fashion. She actually cut and sewed her very own pieces of fabric. She was a one woman show to a degree, and she modelled her very own clothing. Though this fashion line did fairly well, she decided to go into cosmetics.

Lime Crime escalated up the ranks in a very short period of time. No other beauty brand offered such vibrant and dazzling colors. “I found a void in the industry, and I exploited it with success,” said Deere. In addition to her popular liquid-matte lipstick, Lime Crime has gone on to sell eyeliner, glitter, eyeshadow palette, nail polish, hair dye and foundation.


Jeunesse’s NV Mist Foundation

There is a reason they put all of those beautiful models in women’s magazines. Women readers want to be them. They envy that perfect, airbrushed look. But women all over the world can get that same look with Jeunesse’s NV line of products.

The name NV says it all. Everyone will envy your glowing look after applying Jeunesse’s proprietary APT-200 skincare formula. NV includes everything a woman needs to look younger. You get primer, foundation and bronzer packed full of nutrients to reduce the signs of aging.

The NV foundation comes in the form of a mist. This mimics the perfection that models get when they are airbrushed for a photo shoot. Airbrushes produce a fine mist of makeup that makes the skin glow, and that’s why Jeunesse put the foundation into a mister. You get that same glowing look using NV foundation that is packed full of APT-200.

The foundation nourishes the skin using natural aloe. It’s also incredibly lightweight while being able to give you full coverage. And the lightweight foundation is durable and stays smooth over a long period of time.

Application of the NV foundation is incredibly easy. Simply shake the bottle for five seconds, mist a fine layer onto the palm of your hand and then blend into your skin using your fingertips. Alternatively, you can choose to use an NV foundation puff.

You can then apply the foundation using the airbrush technique. Close your eyes and hold the bottle a little less than a foot away from your face. Use a zigzag motion to evenly apply a thin layer of mist to the face. You’ll want to wait about 10 seconds before working the foundation into your skin using a soft NV puff.

And you get to control the amount of coverage. Mist your face just once to apply a light amount of coverage. Mist your face twice for medium coverage and three times for full coverage. It’s up to you how much you want to glow.

This foundation makes you photo ready and rejuvenates the skin with proprietary APT-200. You’ll see the gorgeous radiance right away.