Securus Technologies Earning the Trust of Thousands

Securus Technologies, Inc. has become one of the leading forces in the industries of inmate communications as well as security. This company has been on the market for a few decades, and it has come a long way in its development.


Securus Technologies has a permanent home in Dallas, Texas. The company partners up with correctional facilities and owners of businesses to protect the property, to have surveillance and security tech of high quality, and reliable software to go with it. That is the primary business of Securus Technologies. Over the past handful of years, Securus Technologies embarked on a second business venture and started serving the industry of inmate communications. Securus Technologies became a provider of phone calls and video calls for all states of the U. S. and started steadily expanding their services.


The current leader of Securus Technologies, Inc. is Mr. Rick Smith who is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. In 2016, Mr. Rick Smith shared in front of media about the new milestone the corporation had achieved. One of the main focuses of Securus Technologies had been the expansion of the business as well as the services if offers. Securus Technologies had directed about a million dollars towards their goals and had achieved a few successful acquisitions and expansions of products.


The work of Securus Technologies had not gone unnoticed. The clients of the business have been flooding the company with positive reviews sharing how much Securus Technologies had helped them save their business by making it more protected and secure. The company had also helped them find out about dishonest staff members who had been stealing from the company or using its grounds for their illegal biddings. Securus Technologies has earned the trust of thousands of business owners and correctional facilities across the US.

Securus Technologies; Fighting Crime from Within.

Securus is a communication technology company that is situated in the state of Texas. Securus provides essential services to correctional facilities all across the United States and some correctional facilities in Canada too. Apart from ensuring that inmates communicate with their loved ones, Securus is always keen on ensuring that such communication does not offend the law. The company has been around for a while, thus its big workforce of over 1000 employees. Apart from its main office which is situated at Texas, Securus has several regional offices in both the Unite States and Canada.

The company is reliable. Records indicate that Securus has worked with over 2200 correctional facilities within US and Canada. The company has made heavy investments in patents and acquisitions. Securus has been reported to have spent over 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions. In its bid to ensuring that it provides state of the art services to its clients, Securus has partnered with several technology companies of repute.

The partnerships have to lead to the creation of cutting edge technology which in turn has helped improve living conditions in correctional facilities. Securus partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016 to create a service named ‘’Cell Defender’’. The technology is meant to ensure that contraband phones within prisons are not able to connect with mobile networks. The Cell Defender has been great in securing prison facilities, and as a result, illegal, communication between inmates and other inmates has been reduced.

Such an invention is of great value to not only the law enforcement agencies but the society at large. This technology provided by Securus stops crime at its inception. The illegal correspondence blocked could have been meant to organize criminal activities, some violent, against fellow inmates and prison officials or their families. According to the CEO of Securus, ensuring the safety of the society in general forms part of the company’s DNA.

According to PR Newswire, the company develops crime fighting technology that helps prison officers every week. The undertaking is of great help to law enforcement agencies and prison staff. It also helps the inmates themselves as it ensures they too, live in a safe environment.

Securus’ dedication to ensuring safety in prisons has earned it a lot of praise from stakeholders in the law enforcement. PR Newswire has sampled some of the letters that clients send to Securus. The clients’ responses have been very positive and encouraging. One of the letters claim that Securus’ technological advancements have been instrumental in ensuring that criminal activities within and outside prisons have been reduced. Another writer was thankful for the technology provided by Securus as it has greatly helped in the fight against drug abuse.

A prison official also wrote to Securus commending its technology, and he goes ahead to explain that they have used this technology to fight corruption in their facility. Other writers thanked Securus because its technology has reduced potential security risks to the prison because the risks get detected early enough.

Get A No Dropped Call Inmate Calling Network With Securus Technologies

Get amazing inmate calling features that will allow their love ones to stay connected to their family and friends in a correctional facility with Securus Technologies. They proudly employee over 12,000+ IT professionals in telecommunications safety, customer service, and calling solutions. They first acted as a regulations provider that was responsible for monitoring and surveillance. Now, they reign as a leading inmate provider company that is completely leading the network. They are responsible for successfully handling over 2.4 million calls over the past year. Securus recently won the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service.


Their customers were recently responsible for using a high level of interactive technological features to solve and prevent a crime that involves a corrupt staff member. They were proud to have a platform that caters to customer feedback. Securus ensures that their customers have the benefits of an absolutely secure network that eliminates dropped calls. Their prices are chosen over their competitors $4 to $1. Thousands of customers are choosing Securus Technologies over other leading networks like Global Tel-Link. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of a rewarding correctional calling network by joining Securus through their interactive website.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Online Photos


Get those important photos to the ones you love in a correctional facility. Once, your photos are approved by the facility they can view them securely online. Family members can send a photo with a small fee.


Remote Visitation


Visit your love ones over a correctional facility with a high definition video with complete control over the sound. You never have to leave home with the benefits of remote visitation provided online by Securus Technologies.


You’re invited to become a part of Securus Technologies today.


Securus Technologies Creates Safety

With all the advancements that Securus Technologies has made in the public safety field, it has led to them being the leader in the industry. They have created so many fantastic technologies that are being used on a wide basis by facilities and companies clear across the country with great success.


The Video Visitation technology that they have created has been used widely, and has a huge success. Many of the facilities that are using it say that it has helped tremendously because the inmates have a better attitude. This is directly related to their ability to use the Video Visitations to keep in touch with the people they love.


Securus Technologies is in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice, and they create new technologies on weekly basis. They are in great demand across the country, and they are known all over the world for their expertise in the safety field. They do an incredible amount of work for the government at their facilities, and they deal with over a million prisoners. With their impressive successes, they will continue to lead the industry well into the future.