Rocketship Education States that Growth Scores are Just as Important as State Test Results

Modern student academic performance is evaluated through test scores. Many states use state testing methods to determine if a child has learned the body of knowledge needed to pass their grade level. Test scores are good for figuring out if a child is ready to move on to the next grade. However, they fall short with providing information about a child’s progress throughout a given school year. State test scores only provide administrators, school officials and teachers with the big picture. According to Rocketship Education Charter School, MAP testing provides a better way to evaluate a student’s progress throughout a given year.

What is MAP testing? MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. This test was created by NWEA which is an assessment service company that provides various evaluation products to the education system. Close to 7,500 schools around the country use this tool for their students.

The MAP test is provided in increments. One test is given at the beginning of the year, then the other tests are provided periodically as the year moves toward its end. Students could take anywhere between 3 to 6 tests depending on how their school year is structured. The test covers the material that educators are supposed to be teaching within a given quarter, semester or grading period.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools have been using MAP testing for their students for many years. This charter school system first opened its doors back in 2006. Rocketship serves underprivileged communities where education is not valued or is provided with poor quality service. This charter school system gives poorer neighborhoods a chance to properly educate their students. It serves elementary students from K – 5 in various schools located all over the country.

The MAP test results given by Rocketship educators have helped the teachers within this system to discover struggling students. It has also helped them to better inform parents about the changes they need to make to help their children to get ahead if they are falling behind.

MAP testing also benefits students by its ability to show if a student is doing well within a given semester. If a teacher can discover this information they can determine if many students within their class are grasping the material. Rocketship Education strongly encourages parents to push for MAP testing if they’re needed in their student’s school.