Squaw Valley Gives Yellow Light About Water

Squaw Valley Upper Mountain has been an area of concern for drinking water because of an alleged contamination that occurred after a storm hit Placer County’s water supply. Squaw Valley took the matter seriously as the county truly cares about the people who live in it and visit it.



Rigorous testing continued until the traces of E. Coli and coliform were no longer strong enough to show up on the radar. The officials still want to wait until it is safe before they take off all the existing restrictions on people because of the water. The county said that it would not allow residents or restaurants to return to their regualar water consumption until the testing produces no traces of harmful bacteria of any kind, and the testing agencies declare that the water is safe to drink. The county feels as though waiting for an answer is necessary to preserve the safety of the people in the town. Until it gets the green light, it will continue to provide bottled water to the residents and then help them in any other way that they can assist.



Fortunately, the officials caught the problem before it caused a serious plague. So far, no health issues or death cases have come up because of any of the threatened illnesses.