Matt Badialis Freedom Checks are Genuine, but Wait! Freedom Checks is his Invention

It has been a couple of weeks since millionaire investor and businessman was spotted on social media carrying what seemed to be a fat check that was issued by the National Treasury. The video sparked lots of activity and aroused interests in both serious investors and idlers on social media. What emerges of importance at the end of the hustle to unravel what the business consultant and investor were up to is that while the term “Freedom Checks” was the author’s invention, the checks that Matt Badiali was referring to actually exist. So, the puzzle as to whether the Freedom Checks are true or not is settled. However, there arises a deeper concern and inquiry. People need to know what the whole drama was all about. Read this article at

The So-Called Freedom Checks Are Truly Genuine

Freedom Checks came into existence after Congress Enacted a law that gave a tax rebate to companies that operate oil exploration business and engage in the transportation of the same within the US. A team of media investigators has established that the US law allows a certain group of companies to operate tax-free if they meet certain specific conditions. The famed Statute 26-F that was a product of the congressional action which has been used to admit 568 companies in what is referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

How Badiali discovered the Freedom Checks

Since it is Matt who used the term Freedom Checks for the first time to refer to the benefits that accrue from the Master Limited Partnerships, this article will loosely use the term freedom checks to refer to the payments that emanate from the gains that the companies under Master Limited Partnership make. Matt Badiali was working on a project initiated by one of his rich clients. The project involved interacting closely with giant oil exploration companies. Therefore, Matt was privy to insider conversations among the top leadership of the oil and gas exploration companies. He heard about Stature 26-F. When he pried further, he discovered what the law meant for business. He discovered that such companies are required to distribute 90% of their profits to the stakeholders. In other words, individuals who held shares with such companies would gain significantly compared to any other investment venture in stocks or government program such as the 401(K). It should be noted, however, that the checks that Matt Badiali was talking about are not a government program issued checks. They are by far more profitable than such programs, though. Check: