The Story Behind the Growth of OSI Industries, Ranked the 58th Largest Private Company by Forbes

OSI Industries has grown rapidly from a mere butcher shop in 1909 to become the largest food provider in the world today, having over 20,000 employees working at 65 facilities in 17 countries across the world. The company is still seeking to expand even further.

OSI Industries was started by a German-immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, as a small meat market and butcher shop and by the end of World War I, the shop had expanded to become a wholesale shop. In 1928 it was branded Otto & Sons and since then, it grew rapidly to become a sustainable and stable business.

In 1955, Otto $ Sons was contracted to supply meat to a restaurant. The business did well and before they knew it, they had expanded to West Chicago where they opened a facility. 1975 marked their turning point when the company changed its name to OSI Industries. By the end of 1970s, they had expanded into Germany and Utah while they continued to supply McDonalds’ business with meat products.

In 1980s, the company opened plants in Brazil, Taiwan, Spain and Austria. The rising trajectory of growth continued to unfold as they employed more people to work in new facilities that were opened to produce diversified food products. Today, they not only deal with beef, fish pork, poultry but also vegetables and snacks. They have managed to maintain a very high standards of food safety which saw them win many awards.

OSI Industries partners with clients in a strategic plan to open new facilities and produce high quality products. They value feedback from their clients has it helps them to establish what exactly to improve on in an effort to offer better services and products. They value customer satisfaction and therefore, they strive to give great customer experience.

OSI Industries has mobilized resources and opportunities available to help it to streamline its operations. They embrace innovation and take advantage of advancing technology to come up with techniques and tools that makes work easier for them and become an advanced technology company, a level of a manufacturer. Additionally, OSI partners with its suppliers to make sure their food is safe and quality.

The leader in food provision embraces technology to make sure their operations are eco-friendly. Their sustainability practices have earned them recognition and as a result, they have won several awards such as Global Visionary Award, California Green Business Award the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor among others. Additionally, it was ranked the 58th largest private company in the year 2016 by Forbes having a net-worth of $6.1 billion.

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OSI Food Solutions: Leading the World in Food Production

OSI Food Solutions is a global supplier of custom value food products to the lead food services and retail foods. Founded in the United States, OSI has made it their mission to span the globe and create just as many career opportunities. In 2016, OSI received the Globe Honour Award from the British Safety Council for its management in environmental risks. They were one of 18 companies to receive such an award. In order to receive the award, they had to a maximum of five stars and demonstrated that they were excellent in environmental management throughout all levels of business—from shop to boardroom.

As the demand for chicken products rise, OSI Food Solutions plans to answer the call. The company plans on doubling the amount of chicken they produce so that fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks, can receive the amounts of chicken needed to sell to the public. In order to fulfill the demand in Europe, they have purchased Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturing company that makes convenience store foods, meats, and snacks. Due to this recent purchase, OSI Food Solutions now has manufacturing in Europe to help reach their demand as well. They have also purchased a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. From this plant, prepared chicken meals, such as chicken pieces, meatballs, and cordon bleu are sent out to consumers in the United States.

Careers in OSI Food Solutions are open to individuals who possess passion, seek innovative solutions and share in the belief that everyone can make a difference. The environment is stimulating, offers challenges to the employees and rewards opportunities. OSI Food Solutions want individuals who thrive in entrepreneurial environments and enjoys working with others to finds solutions. There are a multitude of possibilities based on where the company is located, including management. Whether a recent graduate or a professional looking for a new path, OSI hires anyone.

Get a Balanced Diet You Trust with the OSI Food Group

The OSI Food Solutions Group is well known in the diverse food industry as food service professionals. They’ve been in the industry for over a century lending a safe diet to millions of families. As a start, the OSI Group was initially started as a meat packaging company based in Aurora, Illinois. Today, they’re one of the largest food service professionals in North America. They remain committed to the tough food service guidelines set forth by the food industry regulators. Each meal is packed with the vitamins and nutrients recommended by the daily value system. Packed with nutrients, the OSI Group continues to feed your family smart.

OSI Recent Online Business News

The OSI Food Solutions Group never fails to keep an eye out for big international food group leaders and the EU food industry quickly stood out. The OSI foods team gradually committed to an international food deal with the Flagship Europe food group. Their goal has always been building relationships with the industry’s best. The move was a success and allowed them to double their food production. Great food can be a bridge between industry giants and the communities they feed. OSI has also made a recent acquisition with the Dutch, Baho Foods Group.

The OSI Group Gives To Local Charity

Without disclosing the amount, the OSI Food Solutions Group has given generously to many local area charities, but actively participates in many international local area relief efforts. They’ve been able to give to the United Way and the Salvation Army. OSI also has a team of associates that focus on keeping Illinois clean with a summer clean-up program. Their job iniative has allowed them to create over 7,000 jobs worldwide. They create sustainability as well as feed the same communities. Their iniative is eliminating poverty; one area at a time.

Their OSI Food Solutions Group is spear headed by professional leader and CEO, David A. McDonald. He works hard to bring new food industry leaders to the industry. If you’re interested in a safe diet, you can visit the OSI webpage for more details on their food contents.

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