Talos Energy Leadership Rife with Experience and Expertise

Talos Energy is an independent gas and oil company operating of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. It is most famously known for discovering around 2 billion gallons of crude oil in the shallow waters of the Zama-1 field. Zama-1 is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is a combined endeavor with Premier Oil. Talos has a long-standing reputation for success and professionalism, and in 2013 was voted #1 in the list of Top Workplaces by the Houston Chronicle. A title it has held for five consecutive years. The success Talos enjoys can be laid at the feet of its management, a top tier group of experienced individuals who know what they are doing.

First and foremost among them is Timothy Duncan, the founder of Talos who created the business back in 2012. Before founding Talos Duncan served as vice president of development for Phoenix Exploration Group. Armed with an MBA from the Bauer Executive Program at University of Houston, Duncan used his expertise in petroleum engineering to help Phoenix Group double its size. His dedication, passion, and willingness to take on risky projects is what he attests to his overall success. Executive Vice President and COO Stephen Heitzman has 40 years of experience the energy market. A recipient of the Distinguished Engineer Award in 2015, Heitzman has been working in the Gulf of Mexico for years.

A graduate of Texas Tech with a BS in mechanical engineering, Heitzman formed a start-up organization called Gryphon Exploration. His knowledge and management of Talos‘ daily operations makes him a vital instrument to its success.John Parker is another founder of Talos Energy. A graduate from the University of New Orleans with an MS in Earth Science, Parker worked for Shell Oil before coming to Talos. He first worked with Heitzman, joining Gryphon Exploration after its creation. He was responsible for the discovery of 72% of the company’s reserves. His reputation for profitable reserve discoveries increased when he joined Phoenix Group. Now he brings his expertise and instinct to Talos, which has paid off with Zama-1.

Flavio Maluf’s understanding of the tax incentive laws

Eucatex is a southern American company founded in 1951. The company has evolved over the years to become one of the leading manufacturers of building materials in South America. The company is led by Flavio Maluf, who has been at the helm since 2005. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He also serves as the president at GrandFood, a conglomerate located in Brazil and that manufactures brands such as Premier and Golden Pet. Visit ideamensch.com to learn more

As a person who has been in the business sector for some decades, Flavio Maluf knows all the challenges that are faced by new companies when it comes to set-up and to maintain a firm in Brazil. These businesses are faced with the challenge of ever-rising tax burdens imposed on them by the Brazilian government. The high tax burdens are making it for both local and international investors to invest in Brazil. According to Flavio Maluf, this can be avoided by the use of tax incentives. Under the proposed Fiscal Incentive Laws, the companies are presented with the chance to set aside some of the funds meant to pay taxes and use them to fund projects provided by the legislation.

The projects under the laws could be cultural, social, technological, sporting, health programs and scientific research. The money is used to improve the society instead of going directly to the government. The main aim of these incentives is to foster the country’s social and economic development. However, Flavio Maluf points out that these tax incentive programs are not meant to save the companies from paying taxes.

The money that was supposed to pay taxes will now be used by the companies more strategically. He highlights that one of the major benefits of the tax incentive is that the companies have the opportunity to gain a positive image. This is possible if the company associates itself with a sports, social or cultural project through a sponsorship. The success of the strategy will act as an advertisement for the firm, hence, saving the firm from spending money in advertising. The regional tax incentives are meant for companies settling in particular areas. View: http://www.barbacenaonline.com.br/noticia/saude/flavio-maluf-e-o-novo-diretor-da-santa-casa-de-barbacena


Anthony Petrello Brilliance In Managing Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a brilliant CEO of Nabors industries. This is one of the biggest companies in the world in the oil and gas drilling sector. As the CEO of this company, he is the head of all the operations in the firm. He is supposed to oversee drilling operation as well as non-drilling operation. Tony Petrello has not disappointed as a CEO of one of the largest companies in the country. In fact, he has made everything he can, to make the industry better by providing better service that will change the drilling industry. When he joined Nabors industries, it was not one of the biggest firms in the country. However, when he joined in 1991, he implemented a number of measures which have led to tremendous growth in the firm. Tony Petrello has applied brilliant decision-making in ensuring that the industry moves a notch higher in the delivery of services.

Tony Petrello is now a leading CEO in the United States. In 2015, he was listed among the highest earning CEOs in the country. This came after the company he is leading recorded very high profits leading to a better compensation by the management of the firm. In his tenure as the CEO, Nabors has moved to the number one position as the provider of the best drilling technology. It has been hired by some of the top oil companies in the world to assist them with drilling technology. Recently, there was an agreement between Saudi Aramco and Nabors Industries that will see the two firms cooperate in order to improve their production. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil firm in the world, estimated to be worth over $10 trillion. This new partnership is key to business as Nabors profits are expected to shoot up significantly.

Anthony Petrello has been supporting the oil company by ensuring that every decision that is made has the interest of the people at heart. Petrello has been making significant contributions in terms of implementing programs that not only improve the oil industry but those that help in making the industry safe. His tenure in office has proved that he is up to the task of making any business successful. When he joined Nabors industries, he had never managed any other business before. In fact, he was working as a lawyer. He had no qualifications related to the drilling industry. However, this did not stop him from excelling.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

What Is The Secret Behind Flavio Maluf Leadership?

What really does it take for a leader to maintain his position for over two decades yet dispensing quality leadership skills that have seen the company move from one level of success to another? Well, the question can perfectly be answered by a champion executive like Flavio Maluf who has been the CEO for Eucatex Group since 1997. There is no magic about his success, it’s all about diligence and commitment in whatever he puts his hands and minds to do. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Born in late 1961, Flavio Maluf solidified his education by attending FAAP, Sao Paulo where he pursued Mechanical Engineering degree. He later joined Eucatex in 1987 in trade section and transferred to the industrial sector. His uncle who was the President of the company promoted him in 1996 following his quality performance and Maluf joined the Eucatex executive group. As a result of his incredible performance, he became the President of the Company in 1997 and since then, he has been paving the way to the group of employees in the company always focusing on new innovations and launching new products in the company.

Having been offering its innovative and environmentally friendly products for over six decades since its inception in 1951, Eucatex Group has been on the forefront of producing eucalyptus sheets and panels all over Brazil. Recently, Flavio Maluf made a major move in collaborating with Duratex in their operations. The deal involves Eucatex giving their farm in Capao Bonito to Duratex in exchange for the farm in Botucatu city which produces thin sheets. Nevertheless, the deal must be approved by CADE.

The Botucatu farm has over 280 employees and this means Flavio has to manage all of them and the production capacity of the farm is over 200,000 per square meter annually. Duratex, on the other hand, is planning to revive their Itapetinga factory to enhance their production. According to Flavio Maluf, the acquisition will boost the production of capacity of paper printing by 40%, fiberboard by 70% and the paint capacity by 30%. Besides, the new venture would reduce the company’s processing losses; create job opportunities and increase their operation base all over Brazil and globally. Flavio is a great resource for many startups entrepreneurs and his blogs have helped many succeed in their workplaces. Follow: https://twitter.com/flavio_maluf


The Successful Journey of Hussain Sajwani in the Real Estate Industry

A UAE national by name Hussain Sajwani is chairman and owner of the DAMAC Properties, a company that deals with global property development. Sajwani is a University of Washington graduate who started his career in GASCO as a Contracts Manager. He started his catering venture in 1982. His catering business had a modest beginning but it has grown from strength to strength. Today, his catering business serves more than 150,000 meals everyday it is a market leader of over 200 projects. It serves meals in Africa, CIS and Middle East. DAMAC is reputable for servicing offshore and onshore locations, five-star hotels, educational institutions, army camps and construction campsites.


Hussain’s company also specializes in providing manpower supply, maintenance and camp management. Hussain happened to be one of those who expanded property in Dubai. Many people were coming to emirate for trade and business. For this reason, Hussain built several hotels to ensure those who came for business were accommodated. After identifying the markrt opportunity in 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties. It is today among the largest companies in property development in Middle East.


Sajwani, the DAMAC owner has immense expertise and knowledge in the property development field. He has profound know-how in administration, finance, legal, sales and marketing. Some of the global cities where DAMAC Properties has prestigious projects include London, Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut, Amman, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is a publicly-listed company with about 2,000 employees and its shares are usually traded on the Dubai Financial Market. In the property development market, Sajwani has the most luxurious properties. Besides having a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units, DAMAC Properties has built more than 20,230 homes.


Sajwani, the DAMAC owner is an astute investor and businessman who have succeeded in the capital and global equity markets. He has investment portfolio securities in both global and regional markets. He has a flagship investment known as DICO Investments Co, which focuses on acquisitions, mergers, and private equities. He has minority and majority holdings in most companies traded publicly. Sajwani is married and is a father of four children. He is a board member of Majan University College and Abu Dhabi Takaful Company.

How Does Ryan Seacrest Do It?

Ryan Seacrest is an extremely busy man. He was asked about all the different projects he works on and how he handles his rather large schedule. He does 3 radio shows, American Idol, The Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a clothing line, interviews on the Red Carpet for E! News, and host the New Years Eve Countdown, and those are just a few examples. He says he learned how to work fast and efficiently, for instance, his radio show is right across the hall from his tv studio. While he works throughout the day, he has assistants at every project he is involved with, he can call and check up on how things are going. He also gets emailed at the end of the night with updates on how the day went at each project.

Ryan John Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24, 1974. While in high school, at the age of 16, he won an internship at WSTR working the weekend overnight shift. He was trained by Tom Sullivan. He stayed at WSTR until he graduated high school in 1992. He went to the University of Georgia to study journalism. He dropped out when he was 19 to move to Hollywood and pursue his dreams. Since May 1st, 2017, he has been a television host on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Along with being a television host, he has radio shows and well as being a producer. He has worked on TV shows such as American Idol, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and E! News. He has played himself in Knocked up and Get Smart and has his radio talk shows, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40, and 102.7 KIIS-FM, Los Angeles. He made $15 million with American Idol alone. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to help young children, through entertainment and education, in pediatric hospitals. All-around, Ryan Seacrest is a good guy. A little fun fact, He was bitten on the toe by a small shark on July 28, 2008, while swimming in Mexico.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Builds A Luxury Real Estate Career Alongside President Trump

In 2002, hotelier and food catering services entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani embarked on a career change which has made him one of the best-known luxury real estate developers in the world with a presence in many of the world’s major capitals. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/company/DAMAC_Properties_Dubai_Co_PJSC-1003015/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/hussainsajwani

In his home nation of the United Arab Emirates, the DAMAC owner has created a strong partnership with the real estate brand of President Donald J. Trump which is now on hold after the completion of two golf-themed resorts; Hussain Sajwani has already revealed a $2 billion luxury real estate deal between the Trump Organization and DAMAC is waiting for the moment the President ends his time in The White House. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook

At the outset of his career, Hussain Sajwani was set to follow a well-trod career path into the oil and gas exploration industry after completing his studies at the University of Washington; however, after working in the contracts and finance division for a short time the founder of DAMAC began to yearn for the freedom of running his own business.

The different career paths of Hussain Sajwani began with his development of a catering services company which has become one of the largest in the world before he developed a chain of mid-range hotels designed to appeal to tourists arriving from the former Eastern Bloc in the Middle East.

Although his former business options have given him a billion-dollar fortune, the DAMAC owner really hit the global heights as a luxury real estate developer which means he has risen to the top of this international industry.

Hussain Sajwani works closely with Donald Trump’s organization in the Middle East and recently completed the second of a two-part deal to construct gold courses on the edges of Dubai emblazoned with the Trump brand name.

A strong real estate career is in place with Sajwani building an empire based on a business model he has now taken to the U.K. with the launch of his first luxury apartment complex in the U.K. which has been created to provide stunning views across the River Thames and the latest technology and impressive design from the Versace Home brand.

Whitney Wolfe Bans Gun Photos From Her Site Bumble

Bumble is a dating site that was launched by Whitney Wolfe late in 2014. This site is a unique dating site that only allows women to initiate the conversation.

When Whitney Wolfe created this site, she wanted women to make the first move and this site empowers women with this opportunity. Bumble is a site targeted for heterosexual people, but it does not exclude same-sex relationships. They too can connect on Bumble. However, they are not restricted to the rule that women must initiate the conversation. Either sex within same-sex relationships can start a conversation with another user.

While Bumble is a site about dating, romance and finding true love – it is also a site that takes a stand when necessary. In 2016, the site stopped its users from taking “mirror selfies” and photos involving underwear, bikinis and lingerie. They even stopped users from putting up “child only” pictures. Whitney Wolfe knew that photos like these cheapened the site and took its value away.

In the wake of the February 2018 Parkland, Florida school shooting at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School; Whitney Wolfe thought it just made sense to stop indirectly promoting gun use on her site. She does not believe that weapons are important to the dating scene. As a matter of fact, she realizes that there is a difference between social behavior in the online world and in the real world.

Social behavior on the internet allows people to display behaviors they would not normally show in the real world. Whitney Wolfe is also concerned about other social media sites where people are permitted to showcase firearms in pictures. Like most people and professional law agencies – she might view this as a sign that certain users showcasing guns might be ready to use them in real life.

Whitney Wolfe is a firm believer in empowering women. She wants women to have the opportunities and a good life. Her company Bumble supports the MeTooMovement which speaks out against sexual harassment and oppression of females. Bumble’s women first approach helps to make this site a great place for users and for advertisers during this era. Bumble is one of the leading dating sites that is on the cutting edge of change in society. This is another reason they are banning gun photos from their site. Ms. Wolfe has contracted 5,000 tech specialists to help her with this process.

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Hussain Sajwani – A Dynamic Leader Of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani is the founder of the Construction, Engineering, Architecture and Real Estate Company named DAMAC Properties Dubai Company. He is the President of the company. The company is the largest of its kind, was founded in 2002 and its headquarter is located in Dubai, United Arab. DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is involved in developing properties namely commercial, leisure and residential in Dubai.


Due to Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani keen eyesight, he saw the opportunity to invest in real estate properties in Dubai and he purchased a residential property.


The property was located in a part of the town that was not developed. This gave him the opportunity to build a residential apartment which was 38-stories. Taking advantage of this real estate venture, he sold the units within 6 months before it was built. Because of his entrepreneurial skills and abilities, he has helped Dubai to become a place for tourist to visit.


In 2013 and beyond, Hussain Sajwani developed a long relationship and collaborated with Donald Trump to build two golf courses. In February 2017, The Trump International Golf Course Dubai which was built. Tiger Woods (golfer) designed Trump World Golf Course, will be opened in December 2018.


Hussain Sajwani had his humble beginnings in the food service business which he founded. According to the records he is still the owner of the business. Some of his clients in the food service company are Bechtel, a construction company, and the United States military. Hussain Sajani is a developer and a billionaire who is growing his real estate company, DAMAC Properties by his business association with Donald Trump.


Hussain Sajwani, Donald Trump, and his family are friends. During New Year’s Eve, 2017, Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani spent the holiday together. The wife of Donald Trump, Ivanka, and the wife of DAMAC owner email each other, visited each other and are good friends.


Due to his investments in the real estate market, building residential, commercial and leisure buildings, Hussain Sajwani has proved job opportunities to job seekers who have benefited from working in his businesses. DAMAC Properties is passionate about helping those who are experiencing hardship and poverty, such as children who are desperately in need of things, such as clothing. DAMAC is intent on providing help to clothe over 50,000 children. They would like to see people attain a better standard of living not just in Dubai, but around the globe.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on twitter.