How the Copa Star Hospital Is Like Staying At a Five-Star Hotel

Located in Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star is a new type of hospital that combines high-quality medical care with a facility that feels like a five-star hotel. It was built by Rede D’Or São Luiz which has a number of hospitals in Brazil but this is their first luxury hospital. It was completed and open for business in October 2016.

The Copa Star was designed to take advantage of the latest in smart technology. Every patient is given an iPad that comes with customized apps. One of the apps allows patients to communicate via video with their doctors, including looking at their medical charts. They can also message their team of nurses with their requests for attention. Additionally, there is an app that allows them to access all of the smart technology built into their hospital suite. This includes raising and lowering the blinds, adjusting the lights, and changing the position of their bed. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

Other technology incorporated into the hospital includes the latest cutting edge technologies in the three operating rooms in the Copa Star. The operating rooms have robotic assistants that help doctors perform surgeries that previously weren’t able to be done in Rio De Janeiro; instead, patients had to be flown to other cities for some operations that the Copa Star can perform.

The Intensive Care Center has screens that look like windows to the outside world. These screens show patients the famous Copacabana beach which lies just outside of the hospital. The screens are designed to keep patients as comfortable as possible and help them recover from their trauma. Another way the comfort of patients are looked after in the Hospital Copa Star is the olfactory system that is in the building. This olfactory system replaces the usual scent that hospitals are known for with a smell that is a mix of citrus and wood. Research has shown that pleasant smells can help patients recover more quickly.

Another touch of elegance in the Copa Star is the artwork featured throughout the building. Yutaka Toyota is a celebrated Japanese artist who makes his home in Brazil. H was commissioned for the Copa Star and it features 231 of his works of art that greatly increase the feel and warmness that the hospital exudes.

The staff of the Copa Star is every bit of a match for the luxury of the physical environment at the hospital. They are highly trained professionals that bring the highest standard of care to their patients. The staff also undergoes additional training beyond what regular staff does in order to treat patients in the unique way that the Copa Star does. The success of the Copa Star has inspired its leadership to continue the idea in other cities around Brazil.

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Alexandre Gama – Highly Respected Advertising Professional In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of the top most advertising professional and people in business in Brazil and holds the position of CEO and CCO at Neogama, a company he founded. Neogama is ranked amongst the top 20 advertising firms in Brazil and manages marketing and advertising for many of the top notch companies in Brazil. His leadership skills are clearly recognized industry-wide, and it reflects in him being elected as the global head of a network of agencies based in Great Britain.

Alexandre Gama completed his studies in communications and advertising from Alvares Penteado Foundation. After finishing his studies, he joined one of the top notch advertising firms, Standard Ogilvy and Mather, where he worked for few years as the creative copywriter.

After leaving Standard Ogilvy and Mather in 1990, he joined DM9 as creative director and copywriter and continued there for the next four years. During his time at DM9, he received many awards for his copywriting skills. He worked at many other advertising firms during his career span, including as CEO at Young and Rubicam and Creative Executive Director at Almap BBDO.

At the Cannes Film Festival held in France in 2008, he became the first ever Latin American to present the highly coveted Master Class.




Escaping The Comfort Zone IS An Important Step For Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe

The rigors and demands of the 21st century are seeing an advertising marketplace and overall financial environment that are in a constant state of evolution, which the CEO of the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency, Jose Borghi believes is a good thing for an economy that has recently grown to the fifth largest in the world. Jose Borghi and his colleagues at Mullen Lowe are looking to aid existing company’s, startups, and those still in the process of taking the first steps into the business world into a new and exciting marketing environment that will move with the products and services of an individual company.

A legend of Brazilian advertising, Jose Borghi has won numerous awards around the world for his advertising campaigns that have won awards at Cannes, New York, and London film festivals. Borghi believes the global economy has become disruptive to many brands who are looking to create an exciting position in the advertising market and in their own industrial sector; the constant evolution of the economy and financial environment has made it difficult for many companies to create an advertising position that will allow them to build a large level of brand recognition, with Borghi himself believing around three-quarters of the top 500 companies of the next five years are not yet known to the public.

In advertising, and the products and services offered by any company Jose Borghi explained the customer is now looking for a brand that reflects their own lifestyle and needs. However, customers will also become far more brittle in their attitude towards an individual company with any relationship being terminated by the client if and when they feel their needs are no longer being met.

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