Whtney Wolfe: A Visionary For Females

When Whitney Wolfe begins her workday she thinks only positive thoughts. Affirmations are the only thing that come to mind. She questions who can her company empower next. She questions who can she inspire. She thinks of ways her company can eliminate certain societal norms. These thoughts may be out of the ordinary for some people but for a tech founder and female CEO in a world of male domination, these are the exact thoughts Whitney Wolfe needs to begin her day.

Whitney Wolfe is like many other women. She is hard working, dedicated, passionate, committed and persistent. She is a visionary. She envisions a future where society chooses to uplift and empower women. She also envisions a society where gender discrimination is not accepted. She rises and goes to work like many others. The only difference is she heads into Bumble’s Austin, Texas headquarters where she is running the fastest growing dating app on the market. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

The twenty nine year old has always had a thing for technology. She is one of the creators of Tinder, a rival of Bumble. Her time at Tinder eventually came to an end. Gender discrimination was alive and well there. She had planned to sue the company she once worked to launch but instead received a settlement that included company stock and a payout of one million dollars. She thought that would be the end of her digital dating days. But an investor from overseas saw otherwise. Together, they laid the groundwork to what is currently Bumble.

Bumble is unique in how it is the dating app that allows women to make the first move. If a woman does not send a message to a potential romantic partner, the connection between the two becomes void. The app places the responsibility and choice in the hands of the female, not something rival dating apps typically do. Beyond building a dating app, Whitney Wolfe is using her tens of millions of members as the customer base for her skincare line. This skincare line will capture this customer base with its quirky breakup and love titles.

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