Igor Cornelsen’s rise through the Investment World

Igor Cornelsen is an internationally active investment advisor hailing from Brazil. Cornelsen’s various investment tactics and strategies have made him a consistent big player in the investment world. He owes much of his success to his ability to predict fluctuations and movements in various markets. He focuses on international trends and uses the economic interactions of various national economies to make his investment decisions.

Cornelsen does not much care for the advice or analytics of other investment professional. He feels that many analyses are made with emotional biases. He says emotion and ideology have no place in investing. Cornelsen looks at facts only and invests accordingly. He gets his news from the source before it is interpreted by other investors.

By focusing on macro-level investments, Igor Cornelsen is able to have an international presence and make large investments on the behalf of his clients. His methods almost guarantee returns.

Before he opened his own investment firm in 1995, Cornelsen worked for a couple of London based Merchant Banks. These banks paid him in US dollars, which allowed him to invest in markets that before had been unobtainable.

Prior to working with Merchant Banks, Cornelsen was worked for Unibanco, based out of Rio de Janeiro. Cornelsen sat on Unibanco’s board of directors from 1978 to 1985. Prior to Unibanco, he was at Multibanco, another Rio de Janeiro base firm. He began working at Unibanco as a board member in 1974. He quickly rose through the ranks and was the banks CEO by 1976. His tenure was short, however, as he decided to leave Multibanco in 1978 after the firm was acquired by the Bank of America.

Prior to all of this, Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Panama. He began his college career studying engineering but switched to economics to focus on business.

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