“Sick Boy” Is Starting A New Chapter In The Chainsmokers Musical Style

Almost everybody knows who the Chainsmokers are these days, even though they have only really been around in the music industry for a couple years. Their music has such strong vibes and appeals to the younger generations of today, which has allowed it to rise to the top of the music charts on a regular basis. Since the release of Roses back in 2015, the Chainsmokers have become a massive presence in the music industry.

They have become some of the highest paid DJ’s of the generation, making over 40 million dollars in a single year. As of late, the Chainsmokers have taken a turn from their usual music that fans know and love and have released a whole new genre of sounds. Unlike the party music people are used to, the Chainsmokers are now releasing a more sinister style of music with deeper rock tones instead of EDM.

This decision to try on a new style of music was a conscious one by Andrew and Alex of the Chainsmokers. There was no pressure or desire for them to try this new style, instead, they felt they were being limited by their success and the style of music they rose to fame with. Starting at the beginning of this year, the Chainsmokers have started producing this new style of music, starting with Sick Boy. These new songs are a way for the Chainsmokers to get more personal with their fans and tell a deeper story as well, instead of centering on the fun party songs like the past. In a recent interview, Alex and Andrew have stated they are fully committed to producing new styles of music for their fans in the future.

According to Alex Pall, their new music will cover a variety of different topics and stories that they want to personalize with their audiences. The duo worries about the younger generations out there ignoring the problems facing society and the false sense of excellence that is associated with being famous or successful. At the end of the day, everyone is living in the same world together. Their latest album is surely interesting, to say the least, only time will tell if it reaches the level of success that their EDM style sounds have in the past.



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