Hussain Sajwani Thoughts on Global Growth

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most outstanding real estate professionals in Asia. He runs a large company based in Dubai. Throughout his career, he has been associated with multiple projects that resulted in massive profits for his company.


Due to his influence, someone invited Hussain Sajwani to speak at the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is an exhibition that takes place every year. The event allows speakers from all over the world to speak about various issues in the global economy.


His Thoughts on Global Trade

One of the biggest issues in the global economy is trade. Some nations feel like a free trade strategy is the best way to stimulate growth. Other people feel like tariffs protect countries from illegal manufacturing practices. Over the past few years, more tariffs have been enacted in various countries. The United States is adding tariffs to Chinese imports. In response, China has increased tariffs on food from the United States. It will be fascinating to see how the commodity markets respond to these issues.


Hussain Sajwani personally believes in free trade. As a business owner, he wants the lowest possible cost for the materials he needs. In the coming years, he plans to expand his company and build more homes. He needs to find inexpensive materials to handle all of these projects.


Next Steps for Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani gave a great speech at the World Economic Forum. After the event, many young business professionals asked him various other questions about the global economy. Although he is trying hard to improve his business, the global economy is starting to show various issues. He is trying to plan for multiple scenarios in the coming years. If global economic growth slows, it could impact the profits at DAMAC Properties.

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