Securus Technologies Earning the Trust of Thousands

Securus Technologies, Inc. has become one of the leading forces in the industries of inmate communications as well as security. This company has been on the market for a few decades, and it has come a long way in its development.


Securus Technologies has a permanent home in Dallas, Texas. The company partners up with correctional facilities and owners of businesses to protect the property, to have surveillance and security tech of high quality, and reliable software to go with it. That is the primary business of Securus Technologies. Over the past handful of years, Securus Technologies embarked on a second business venture and started serving the industry of inmate communications. Securus Technologies became a provider of phone calls and video calls for all states of the U. S. and started steadily expanding their services.


The current leader of Securus Technologies, Inc. is Mr. Rick Smith who is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. In 2016, Mr. Rick Smith shared in front of media about the new milestone the corporation had achieved. One of the main focuses of Securus Technologies had been the expansion of the business as well as the services if offers. Securus Technologies had directed about a million dollars towards their goals and had achieved a few successful acquisitions and expansions of products.


The work of Securus Technologies had not gone unnoticed. The clients of the business have been flooding the company with positive reviews sharing how much Securus Technologies had helped them save their business by making it more protected and secure. The company had also helped them find out about dishonest staff members who had been stealing from the company or using its grounds for their illegal biddings. Securus Technologies has earned the trust of thousands of business owners and correctional facilities across the US.

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