Alexandre Gama – Highly Respected Advertising Professional In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of the top most advertising professional and people in business in Brazil and holds the position of CEO and CCO at Neogama, a company he founded. Neogama is ranked amongst the top 20 advertising firms in Brazil and manages marketing and advertising for many of the top notch companies in Brazil. His leadership skills are clearly recognized industry-wide, and it reflects in him being elected as the global head of a network of agencies based in Great Britain.

Alexandre Gama completed his studies in communications and advertising from Alvares Penteado Foundation. After finishing his studies, he joined one of the top notch advertising firms, Standard Ogilvy and Mather, where he worked for few years as the creative copywriter.

After leaving Standard Ogilvy and Mather in 1990, he joined DM9 as creative director and copywriter and continued there for the next four years. During his time at DM9, he received many awards for his copywriting skills. He worked at many other advertising firms during his career span, including as CEO at Young and Rubicam and Creative Executive Director at Almap BBDO.

At the Cannes Film Festival held in France in 2008, he became the first ever Latin American to present the highly coveted Master Class.




How One Can Build Confidence With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

On forums and social media topics that are related to dating, people who struggle with dating are often given the same advice. One has to be confident in order to succeed in dating and relationships. However, there is an issue that many people are often faced with when it comes to dating. For one thing, a lot of people don’t know how to have confidence.

After all, confidence typically comes from experience. It is hard for one to just be confident without feeling delusional. This is why it is important for people to achieve something that will help them build confidence that will help them succeed with Whitney Wolfe’s app, Bumble.


Whitney Wolfe is an example of someone who is confident. She has built her own app which is proving to be a very helpful app that puts people at an advantage in dating. Both women and men are experiencing improvements with the app from the usual dating apps. This is one thing that brings even more confidence to Whitney Wolfe. She has come up with a creative idea that has turned out to work. Fortunately, she also has advice for people that are wondering how to build confidence so that they can gain a lot of success from Bumble.

One thing that could gain the interest of women such as Whitney Wolfe is someone who takes pride in how he looks. For instance, a man that dresses well is going to have a greater chance at attracting women than a man who is very sloppy with his outfit. This does not mean that one has to walk around with a suit and tie.

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Squaw Valley Gives Yellow Light About Water

Squaw Valley Upper Mountain has been an area of concern for drinking water because of an alleged contamination that occurred after a storm hit Placer County’s water supply. Squaw Valley took the matter seriously as the county truly cares about the people who live in it and visit it.



Rigorous testing continued until the traces of E. Coli and coliform were no longer strong enough to show up on the radar. The officials still want to wait until it is safe before they take off all the existing restrictions on people because of the water. The county said that it would not allow residents or restaurants to return to their regualar water consumption until the testing produces no traces of harmful bacteria of any kind, and the testing agencies declare that the water is safe to drink. The county feels as though waiting for an answer is necessary to preserve the safety of the people in the town. Until it gets the green light, it will continue to provide bottled water to the residents and then help them in any other way that they can assist.



Fortunately, the officials caught the problem before it caused a serious plague. So far, no health issues or death cases have come up because of any of the threatened illnesses.

Securus Technologies Creates Safety

With all the advancements that Securus Technologies has made in the public safety field, it has led to them being the leader in the industry. They have created so many fantastic technologies that are being used on a wide basis by facilities and companies clear across the country with great success.


The Video Visitation technology that they have created has been used widely, and has a huge success. Many of the facilities that are using it say that it has helped tremendously because the inmates have a better attitude. This is directly related to their ability to use the Video Visitations to keep in touch with the people they love.


Securus Technologies is in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice, and they create new technologies on weekly basis. They are in great demand across the country, and they are known all over the world for their expertise in the safety field. They do an incredible amount of work for the government at their facilities, and they deal with over a million prisoners. With their impressive successes, they will continue to lead the industry well into the future.