Escaping The Comfort Zone IS An Important Step For Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe

The rigors and demands of the 21st century are seeing an advertising marketplace and overall financial environment that are in a constant state of evolution, which the CEO of the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency, Jose Borghi believes is a good thing for an economy that has recently grown to the fifth largest in the world. Jose Borghi and his colleagues at Mullen Lowe are looking to aid existing company’s, startups, and those still in the process of taking the first steps into the business world into a new and exciting marketing environment that will move with the products and services of an individual company.

A legend of Brazilian advertising, Jose Borghi has won numerous awards around the world for his advertising campaigns that have won awards at Cannes, New York, and London film festivals. Borghi believes the global economy has become disruptive to many brands who are looking to create an exciting position in the advertising market and in their own industrial sector; the constant evolution of the economy and financial environment has made it difficult for many companies to create an advertising position that will allow them to build a large level of brand recognition, with Borghi himself believing around three-quarters of the top 500 companies of the next five years are not yet known to the public.

In advertising, and the products and services offered by any company Jose Borghi explained the customer is now looking for a brand that reflects their own lifestyle and needs. However, customers will also become far more brittle in their attitude towards an individual company with any relationship being terminated by the client if and when they feel their needs are no longer being met.

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