Sheldon Lavin: A Manager with a Vision to Make OSI Groups Operations Sustainable

Sheldon Lavin OSI Group’s Chairman and CEO. He has built a successful career at OSI Group, a leading food products and solutions provider in the world. Since 1970s, Lavin has worked in a leadership position at the company alongside other team members to make the company grow to become a big player in the food industry. The company was founded in 1909 as a small butcher shop by a German immigrant.

In 1970s, Sheldon Lavin joined the company while it was still known as Otto & Sons Company. Sometimes, the company could run into financial challenges hence unable to fund their expansion activities. Lavin was instrumental in sourcing for funds during such periods. At some point, he was given the option of being a partner in the company. However, he didn’t take up the position. Otto & Sons Company was managed by Otto, his sons and of course, Lavin. It transformed its name into OSI Group in 1975. The company accelerated its expansion efforts and in 1975, the company was again in need of more funds and Sheldon Lavin helped it to source for funding. OSI Group expanded to Europe, Australia, Philippines, and North America and other places. To know more about Sheldon, visit their website at

The things that Lavin perceives as important when managing a company include technological factors, customer preferences and satisfaction and resources. They are important because they are rarely measured by a price system. He ensures there is inclusivity when making decisions. Apart from his roles at OSI Group, he offers advisory to other companies on various areas. The company thrived in Europe as well as North America despite the markets performing poorly at the time, thanks to the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. With strong education and work background, he took the markets by storm. Additionally, he established sustainability measures that have led to the company to win many awards.

Despite his busy schedule at the company, Sheldon Lavin finds time to participate in philanthropic activities. He sponsors Ronald McDonald House Foundation and he is actively involved in United Negro College Fund, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the Sheba Foundation, Rush University Medical Center, and others. In 2015, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Aside from his personal achievements, currently, OSI Group has over 20,000 employees and it has received many accolades in recognition of its quality, safety, sustainability and environmental efforts.



Juan “Og” Perez Friendship With The Carter Family

Juan “OG” Perez and his wife Desiree Perez recently were on the spotlight after the release of the new album by the Carters. The new album, Everything is love Jay-Z and Beyonce focus on the different things around their lives including friends. Juan “OG” Perez and his wife Desiree have been mentioned many times throughout the album primarily in the song “Friends.”

Juan “OG” Perez has been working in the music industry and other industries for many years. He was born and raised in Harlem. Juan “OG” Perez has been friends with the pronoun singer for many years. Their friendship came to be after Kareen “Biggs” Burke, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records introduced Perez to Jay in 1996. Since then Jay-Z and Perez have grown their friendship outside the workspace.

Juan “OG” Perez and his wife have been mentioned in other songs by Jay-Z. Back in 2013, Jay-Z gave a shout out to the couple in The Black Album in 2003. Over the year, Juan OG Perez and Jay-Z have created many companies. They built their first bar 40/40 in 2003. Since then they have managed to add five more bars in Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Brooklyn.

In addition to the bars, Juan “OG” Perez and Jay-Z launched Roc Nation Sports due to their love of sports. Roc Nation Sports is doing remarkably well since its launch. It has become part of the Roc Nation Family. According to Perez and Jay-Z had talked about the idea in 2008 or 2009 by they did not put it into action as it was not yet the proper time. Roc Nation Sports focuses on supporting athletes by elevating their careers on a global scale.

Their partnership has also resulted in a new defunct Roc-La-Familia record label. The label was to help build new talent. Although the label did not grow as planned, the two were happy to partake in the project.

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Betsy DeVos Is The Political Outsider America Needs

You could talk to parents of both sides of the political divide for days and weeks and months and you’d be hard pressed to find a single one who is happy with the performance of public education and how it has impacted their children. While the United States government throws countless dollars towards public education, all too often it appears that their money is being wasted and taxpayers are carrying all of the burdens. Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump to come into the Department of Education in order to make a change and that is exactly what she is doing. Betsy DeVos has ideas for education reform and the world is ready to listen.


Betsy DeVos first experienced the benefits and joy of the educational choice programs when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan. She and her husband were looking for a school for their young children to attend. At the Potter’s House Christian School, DeVos marveled at how excited and energized teachers and students both were acting. She saw that this was very different from the traditional public school setting and she knew that there was something of merit here to pay attention to. Since that first meeting, Betsy and her husband Dick have poured countless hours of their own time working at the facility to go along with their own donations and financial contributions.


From the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. with plenty of ideas but not much in the way of actual resume accreditations on the federal level. While this might sound like a negative, the truth is that Betsy DeVos and President Trump wouldn’t have her resume look any other way. Betsy DeVos has worked on several major education reform committees in Michigan and she has served on several GOP endorsed committees, including the Michigan Republican Party’s own committee. DeVos has a history of getting things done as a private citizen, so you can only imagine how much better she’ll be with the power of the federal government behind her.


Most importantly of all, Betsy DeVos is showing herself as someone who is capable of handling the intense and partisan politics that our country has been swallowed up by. As any of her political friends and enemies would say, Betsy DeVos is sharp in mind and quick of tongue, capable of going toe-to-toe with any of the establishment politicians in Washington D.C.


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The Success of Organo Gold

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water. Few people however, usually consider this drink as a healthy beverage. One company that is changing that perception is Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a global company that is working to provide a list of products that improve health and well being. They take a unique approach to get their products to people all over the world.

Organo Gold is the creation of marketing expert Bernardo T Chua. Chua co-founded the company with Shane Morand who currently oversees the company’s direct selling platform. Organo Gold began with a goal of helping customers to achieve high levels of balance and well-being. The company provides products in three main categories- beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.


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Organo has built its product line by focusing on a unique mushroom called ganoderma lucidum. Sometimes refered to as reishi, many experts believe ganoderma has great health benefits which include lowering overall cholesterol, removing toxins from the body, and improving overall health. Ganoderma is a part of Organo’s coffee, ultimately making their coffee much healthier than most coffee’s on the market. Ganoderma is also a part of the companies other beverages which include green tea, hot chocolate, and latte’s.

Organo uses a unique multilevel marketing structure to sell their products. They have a number of independent distributors who sell their products and create recurring customers. As of today, Organo sells their beverages across the world including in places like the Netherlands, Canada, Jamaica, Peru and the United States. Along with their beverages they also sell management products and personal care items like premium soaps and toothpaste. Organo Gold remains an innovator and appears set for continued success for many years to come.

Whtney Wolfe: A Visionary For Females

When Whitney Wolfe begins her workday she thinks only positive thoughts. Affirmations are the only thing that come to mind. She questions who can her company empower next. She questions who can she inspire. She thinks of ways her company can eliminate certain societal norms. These thoughts may be out of the ordinary for some people but for a tech founder and female CEO in a world of male domination, these are the exact thoughts Whitney Wolfe needs to begin her day.

Whitney Wolfe is like many other women. She is hard working, dedicated, passionate, committed and persistent. She is a visionary. She envisions a future where society chooses to uplift and empower women. She also envisions a society where gender discrimination is not accepted. She rises and goes to work like many others. The only difference is she heads into Bumble’s Austin, Texas headquarters where she is running the fastest growing dating app on the market. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

The twenty nine year old has always had a thing for technology. She is one of the creators of Tinder, a rival of Bumble. Her time at Tinder eventually came to an end. Gender discrimination was alive and well there. She had planned to sue the company she once worked to launch but instead received a settlement that included company stock and a payout of one million dollars. She thought that would be the end of her digital dating days. But an investor from overseas saw otherwise. Together, they laid the groundwork to what is currently Bumble.

Bumble is unique in how it is the dating app that allows women to make the first move. If a woman does not send a message to a potential romantic partner, the connection between the two becomes void. The app places the responsibility and choice in the hands of the female, not something rival dating apps typically do. Beyond building a dating app, Whitney Wolfe is using her tens of millions of members as the customer base for her skincare line. This skincare line will capture this customer base with its quirky breakup and love titles.

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Paul Mampilly Puts His All Into The Investment Research That Helps Countless Average Investors:

Paul Mampilly is a financial industry savant that has pretty much seen and done it all. He attained his education from Fordham University where he achieved his master’s degree and then he went on a long trek starting in 1991 that saw him gain invaluable information in terms of financial markets and investment. Paul Mampilly would see stops along the way at Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and ING, each professional stop adding to his arsenal of investment knowledge. This led to Paul Mampilly being a man who was sought after by investors in the hedge fund industry. Paul Mampilly made a lot of money for a lot of people, including himself, when he managed the hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management and proceeded to grow the firm’s assets to an impressive $25 billion.

After this run of success, Paul Mampilly made the decision that he wanted to do something different. He had helped a lot of rich people add to their wealth and he had made a fortune for himself, but he really thought he could make a difference in the lives of average investors. He spends a large percentage of his time these days doing working in financial research as well as analysis and puts together these findings to help average investors to secure their financial situations. Paul is currently a senior editor with respected publisher Banyan Hill Publishing and he routinely publishes his findings in the Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

Banyan Hill Publishing has a truly impressive subscriber base that exceeds 400 thousand on a daily basis. Paul is able to take advantage of this readership base to provide investment advice to everyday Americans who are looking to build their own investment portfolios. Paul makes it a point to provide the most shrewd advice he can offer in terms of topics such as small-cap stocks as well as the concept of growth investing. This work has really been paying off and Paul is quite proud of the help he has given to so many.

Hyland’s Moves Past Hylands Teething Tablets and Continues to help to assure mothers they are rockstars

Being a mother is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Being a mom is a bond like no other, not only with your children but with other mother’s as well. A mother’s shared pain and joy are unparalleled bonds that span generations. Hyland’s shares in the pure and proven care that every mom takes with their little ones.


After a 2017 recall, Hyland’s teething tablets are no longer on the market, but Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are new and contain only natural ingredients for babies dealing with all types of oral symptoms.

While being a mother is one of the worlds most difficult tasks, Hyland’s is here to reassure you that even when you feel like you are utterly alone within your struggles of parenting, from the little things to the more complicated and difficult things, you are in fact surrounded by other mothers who feel the exact same way you do. Since being a mother is so full of challenges and uphill battles it helps to know that you are not alone within your struggles.

When you feel like your entire world is turning on its head, remember that Hyland’s Homeopathic is here to provide you comfort and relief in knowing that you are not alone and that what you are doing for your child is something of rock star status. Being a mom is no easy task, but the love in which your child will look up to you with is like no other.

The next time you feel like you’re alone, turn to Hyland’s and remember that the struggles you’re fighting through right now in your parenting are ones that have shaped generations and will continue to do so for years to come.

Using all natural ingredients, Hyland’s Homeopathic cares about mothers and does the most to achieve optimal products to ensure safety for moms and their families. After several years on the market, Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets were recalled. Hyland’s no longer carries their Teething Tablets product, but does share other oral tablets to help babies coping with oral pain.

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The Story Behind the Growth of OSI Industries, Ranked the 58th Largest Private Company by Forbes

OSI Industries has grown rapidly from a mere butcher shop in 1909 to become the largest food provider in the world today, having over 20,000 employees working at 65 facilities in 17 countries across the world. The company is still seeking to expand even further.

OSI Industries was started by a German-immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, as a small meat market and butcher shop and by the end of World War I, the shop had expanded to become a wholesale shop. In 1928 it was branded Otto & Sons and since then, it grew rapidly to become a sustainable and stable business.

In 1955, Otto $ Sons was contracted to supply meat to a restaurant. The business did well and before they knew it, they had expanded to West Chicago where they opened a facility. 1975 marked their turning point when the company changed its name to OSI Industries. By the end of 1970s, they had expanded into Germany and Utah while they continued to supply McDonalds’ business with meat products.

In 1980s, the company opened plants in Brazil, Taiwan, Spain and Austria. The rising trajectory of growth continued to unfold as they employed more people to work in new facilities that were opened to produce diversified food products. Today, they not only deal with beef, fish pork, poultry but also vegetables and snacks. They have managed to maintain a very high standards of food safety which saw them win many awards.

OSI Industries partners with clients in a strategic plan to open new facilities and produce high quality products. They value feedback from their clients has it helps them to establish what exactly to improve on in an effort to offer better services and products. They value customer satisfaction and therefore, they strive to give great customer experience.

OSI Industries has mobilized resources and opportunities available to help it to streamline its operations. They embrace innovation and take advantage of advancing technology to come up with techniques and tools that makes work easier for them and become an advanced technology company, a level of a manufacturer. Additionally, OSI partners with its suppliers to make sure their food is safe and quality.

The leader in food provision embraces technology to make sure their operations are eco-friendly. Their sustainability practices have earned them recognition and as a result, they have won several awards such as Global Visionary Award, California Green Business Award the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor among others. Additionally, it was ranked the 58th largest private company in the year 2016 by Forbes having a net-worth of $6.1 billion.

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Business Entrepreneur Jason Hope Sees an Improved Future with Advanced Technology

Philanthropist Jason Hope has often been called a believer in what he has termed as the Internet of Things. As a strong supporter for the advancement of technology Mr. Hope has written several articles on the future of technology as it relates to network systems. His vision of the Internet of Things or IoT, pertains to the connectivity of items using technology. This connectivity would allow these items to sync with each other in a way that could relay important information instantaneously.

Jason Hope also believes the IoT will change the way businesses operate. He sees the future of technology as the single largest investment corporations will make. Corporations will need to stay on top of future advancements in order to maintain an edge over their competitors. Mr. Hope is also quick to point out that changes in technology are already taking place. Most people now own devices capable of syncing with each other such as mobile phones, computers and printers. He sees a future where this connectivity will expand to include items used for every day tasks such as coffeemakers. For more information read about Jason Hope at

As someone who closely follows the advancements in technology, Jason Hope has also become known for his related philanthropic endeavors. One field he has shown a particular interest in is medicine. More specifically, Jason Hope has been a strong supporter of the SENS Foundation, which conducts anti-aging research. This research is aimed at finding ways to reduce or eliminate the debilitating conditions that affect a person’s quality of life as they become older. The long term goal of the SENS Foundation is to produce results that would prevent age related conditions such as Alzheimer’s from forming in the first place.

In an effort to help the SENS Foundation continue making progress in their research, Jason Hope made a donation of 500,000 dollars. This monetary gift helped the organization to construct their Cambridge laboratory and equip it with the tools they needed to further their research. It is Mr. Hope’s vision of the future that drives him to make investments in causes he believes have a real potential to change the future in a positive and productive manner.

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The EOS Lip Balm Marine Collection Review

EOS is a lip balm company that has changed the way that people think about lip balms. Lip balms are a necessity to many people. It is the only way to keep lips smooth and hydrated through the day. Recently, I noticed a lot of comments on Instagram about a new EOS lip balm. This really got me excited. I love EOS lip balm products and would like to collect them all. The new EOS Lip Balm Marine Collection really stirred up my curiosity. I finally found the collection at a local store for $9.00. However, it’s easy to get your hands on this new EOS lip balm at their online website.

First Impressions

The EOS Lip Balm Marine Collection contains 2 lip balms. It should also be noted that this is a limited edition set. One of the lip balms is Wintermint. If feels very refreshing and smells very minty. Certainly, it is a very refreshing flavor and it is not overpowering, which is a good thing for me. Feels very silky and smooth on the lips. In addition, it adds just a touch of shine to the lips. The other EOS lip balm included in the collection is Mermaid. It has an iridescent glow and has a very vanilla like aroma. The color of the lip balm is lilac. However, it goes on smooth and changes color on your lips. This one is a really fun and different lip balm.

Is It Worth The Hype

You’ve probably noticed that there is a lot of hype surrounding this new EOS Lip Balm Marine Collection. Is it worth the hype? You better believe that it is worth the hype. I am so impressed by this new lip balm collection. However, my favorite is the Mermaid that goes on lilac and changes color. Really cool idea and I love it.